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Final exams can be written in-person or through virtual proctoring. Visit our Examinations webpage for more information. Examinations must be written in the same session that you're taking the course.

Important deadlines:

Exam session

Registration deadline

Withdrawal deadline

December (Fall semester)

October 15

October 30

April (Winter semester)

February 15

February 28

July (Spring semester)

June 1

June 1

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Welcome to Canada's property & casualty insurance industry

Congratulations! As a student in a full-time college or university insurance program, you have chosen an excellent educational path that has great career potential!

The property and casualty (p&c) insurance industry employs more than 110,000 Canadians and offers many exciting career possibilities. The Insurance Institute can help you achieve your full potential and accelerate your career path once you join the industry 

Let’s talk about your education:

• Choosing a full-time insurance program is a good choice!
• Choosing to work towards your Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation is a career-minded strategy.
• With support from the Insurance Institute, it’s an educational pathway that can take you exactly where you want to go.

Information on this page, just for you:

• The five most important things you need to know
• The Insurance Institute: how we can help you and your career
• Benefits of membership, and extra benefits for students in full time insurance programs
• The Career Connections program and how it prepares you for success
• List of colleges and universities with a full time insurance program
• Questions - where to go for help and advice


The five most important things you need to know

In order to ensure your success, there are a few things you need to be aware of.


1. Write national exams in the same session that you're taking the course. If you want to gain credits toward the CIP designation program, national exams need to be written in the same session in which you are taking your course (or else you’ll need to take the course again). 

2. Know your exam registration deadlines. To avoid missing out, be sure to register before the deadlines below:
Fall semester – register for December exams by October 15
Winter semester – register for April exams by February 15
Spring semester – register for July exams by June 1
To register, come back to this page and click the yellow buttons below.

3. Know the exam rewrite policy. If you are unsuccessful with your exam, rewrites can only be written in the session following the unsuccessful exam (otherwise you’ll need to take the course again).  

4. Ensure your success by buying your textbook package, and use the online tutorial

5. Create your online member profile, and access online services, by contacting Member Services.

Register For Your CIP Exam

Register For Your GIE Exam


The Insurance Institute: how we can help you

We’re here to support you in your journey as an insurance professional, and we’re proud to offer a range of insurance education options that set the professional standard for the industry. These include the internationally recognized designation programs: Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP). 

As well, our Career Connections program gives you the opportunity to learn about careers in the insurance industry and search for new employment opportunities.

Complimentary Insurance Institute membership 

Many of the colleges and universities with a full-time insurance program offer complimentary Insurance Institute membership for students registered in that program - check with your college or university. As a member, you have the opportunity to register for CIP national exams to complete credits towards the internationally-recognized Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation from the Insurance Institute.

Benefits of membership include: 

• Access to our designation programs that are highly valued by employers in the p&c insurance industry. We offer flexible learning options to suit your busy schedule.
Professional development & networking opportunities
Industry updates
Insights and research on topics such as automated vehicles and cyber risks
• Access to over 20 trends papers to give you even more insights
Member services department available to assist you to choose which educational options are best to help you reach your career coals
• Connection to a local network in 19 institutes and chapters across the country
• Be a part of our graduate community: the CIP Society

Extra benefits for students in full time insurance programs:

• 50% discount* off the cost of your CIP national exams - make sure you register for your exam in the same session in which you took your course
• 50% discount* of rewriting your CIP national exams (if necessary)** 
• Access to resources to guide you to success, study skills sessions (scheduled by your local institute or chapter), knowledgeable Institute staff (your local manager and Member Services), three scholarships, Career Connections website and job site, industry networking, career talks, resume tips and tools, and more.

Additional information:

** Please note; examination rewrites are only available for those who received a grade of X or Y, and must be taken in the next available exam session. Learn more about exam rewrites.

  • Image links to Career Connections page
  • Image links to Career Connections page

Through the Career Connections program, the Insurance Institute helps prepare you for success!

To help you find your place in the p&c insurance industry, the Insurance Institute has created a nationwide career awareness and insurance education program on behalf of the insurance industry. The comprehensive Career Connections program includes online resources such as: an interactive quizcareer profiles and videos, a job site and much more.

Colleges/Universities with an Insurance Program

Bow Valley College
BCIT – British Columbia Institute of Technology
CCNB – Collège Communautaire du Nouveau Brunswick
Centennial College
Conestoga College
Fanshawe College
Humber College
MacEwan University
Mohawk College
NBCC – New Brunswick Community College
Saskatchewan Polytechnic
Seneca College



We're here to help you make the most of your studies and your career in insurance. If you have any questions or there's anything the Insurance Institute can help you with, please contact a Member Services associate.