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You understand the importance of education for career development and advancement. Regardless of where you are in your career, whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional, the Insurance Institute is here for you, supporting you in your career goals. Scroll down to see an array of resources to help you reach your maximum potential, enrich your learning experience and discover more about the p&c insurance industry.

Orientation for New Students

Welcome to the Insurance Institute. We’ve put together information on how to get started, including details about the various learning options, our policies and our course offerings. You’ll also be able to find additional resources to help you plan your career path. Go to Orientation for New Students.

Study Tools

Access everything you need to improve your marks. In this section you’ll find valuable tips to help you  study for, prepare for and write exams. From how to create a study plan to insights on how to answer exam questions, you’ll find it in Study Tools.

IIC Mobile Learning

Our mobile app, IIC Mobile Learning, is available for download. The app contains a free mobile version of the Dictionary of Insurance and, if you are enrolled in C13, you have access to one free practice exam question pack. Additional multiple choice question packs are available for in-app purchase. Learn more about the app and its benefits.


Are you a full-time college or university student working towards a career in insurance? You need the Insurance Institute on your side. On our dedicated webpage, you'll learn the five most important things you need to know. You'll also learn about the advantages of membership with us and the many ways we can support you in your journey as an insurance professional. Visit College & University Students.


The Insurance Institute offers financial assistance in the form of scholarships and prizes to CIP graduates and full-time students pursuing post-secondary education throughout the country. To learn more about the types of financial assistance you may be eligible for, go to Scholarships & Prizes.


Did you know that you may qualify for a T2202A tax receipt? The Insurance Institute is an educational institution that has been certified by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada and therefore is able to issue T2202A receipts. Go to Tax Receipts.