Instructor Certification Program Courses

The Instructor Certification Program is provided through independent, self-paced online study. Course content, tests, and assignment instructions are provided online, and participants complete the courses at their own pace. There are no fixed term dates.

The program is intended for existing and experienced CIP instructors who are looking to upgrade their skills and are seeking to build on their existing strengths. Instructors must be admitted to the program before registering for courses. Interested CIP instructors may contact their Institute/chapter manager for further information.

Already admitted to the ICP? Bookmark this page and register here for your next ICP course. Please note:

1. Courses must be completed one at a time, in sequence. For example, you will not be able to register for the second course until you have successfully completed the first one. 

2. Please allow at least two (2) days between completion of one course and registration for the next one.

3. All course requirements must be completed within five (5) years of your admission to the program. After five years, access to the program materials is withdrawn.

4. Please review the Program Policies page for additional details.

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