Brokers: how can we assist you to achieve your goals?

In today’s changing insurance world, high-level insurance education is key to expanding your book of business, landing the next big client or a new career opportunity.

Here's a list of many of the ways we can assist you reach your career goals:

•  Get your CE hours with our seminars, CE OnDemand offerings, designations and certificate programs
•  Networking opportunities  - a must-have for brokers
•  Risk Management Certificate - prepares you to sit the CRM designation exams
•  Become a CIP - get credit for your CAIB or licensing education
•  Licensing courses - get the best chance of success!
•  Access our online library of monthly trends papers

And much more!


"The broker insurance landscape has changed. My clients need a highly-educated insurance professional."




Get your CE hours - and cutting-edge knowledge - with the Institute

CE hours through our seminars

Many of our high-calibre seminars and webinars are tailored for brokers - including both the content and the availability of continuing education credits to help you maintain your licence. Our seminars are led by carefully-chosen, knowledgeable and experienced presenters. Visit your local institute or chapter's webpage for the listing of quality seminars and events and how many CE hours each one is worth, where applicable. Many of our institutes and chapters are also accredited to issue CE credits for brokers licensed in multiple provinces.

CE OnDemand - fast and convenient

Looking for a quick and easy way to meet the continuing education requirements of your license? CE OnDemand is a new catalogue of online continuing education courses designed by the Insurance Institute of Canada for brokers and agents. Take a one-hour CE OnDemand course from wherever you are, anytime during the day or night.  Learn more.

CE hours through our designations and certificate programs

You can also get your CE hours while you earn a designation or certificate that is recognized by the p&c industry—and your clients!

The table below gives you a general indication of the amount of hours that could be available to you with each course you complete. The number and type of CE credits differ depending on the course and your province, so please clarify with your local institute or chapter.








Up to 28 hours per course*
8 hours per course
Up to 24 Technical hours per course*
16 to 20 hours per course (Technical and Mgt)
20 hours per course
Up to 30 Technical hours per course*



28 to 30 hours per course*
8 hours per course
28 hours per course
20 Mgt hours per course

Advanced CIP

30 hours per course* 
8 hours per course
28 hours per course
16 to 20 hours per course (Personal and Mgt)*

Risk Management

30 hours per course*
8 hours per course
28 hours per course
16 hours per course (Technical)
7 hours per course


June 30
May 31
May 31
September 30
 December 31

* Conditions may apply. Please contact your local institute or chapter for more information.

Networking opportunities: a must-have for brokers

Membership gives you the opportunity to attend our many social and networking events and connect with new industry contacts - as well as executives and senior industry leaders.

Risk Management Certificate - get your CRM designation!

As a broker, your clients require you to not only advise them on the coverages they need, but also how to mitigate their risks so they can reduce costly losses - and potentially save on premiums. If you don't have the risk management knowledge your clients need, our new three-course Risk Management Certificate program is for you. It offers p&c insurance industry tailored content and provides you with the tools and knowledge to create comprehensive risk management strategies for clients.
• After completing the three courses, you'll be eligible to write the exams required for the Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation issued by The Global Risk Management Institute (GRMI). 
• Additionally, if you successfully complete all three Risk Management Certificate courses with the Institute, you will receive credit for two elective courses in the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) program.
Learn more about the Risk Management Certificate.


CIP: the professional industry designation with a broker specialization.

A 10-course designation program, recognized by the industry.
The CIP is the benchmark of insurance professionalism.


How does the CIP designation benefit you, a broker?

• As a CIP, you’ll not only have the specialized broker knowledge you need, but the program also teaches you how to take a holistic, industry-wide approach to addressing your clients' insurance needs.
• The program gives you the necessary knowledge to advise your clients effectively and provide them with service excellence.
• This knowledge will enable you to become more competitive in today’s changing insurance world—both with your current clients, and the type of client you wish to attract in the future.
• The value of the CIP has been proven - read this Conference Board of Canada report.
• Almost all industry employers have some form of support for employees taking the CIP program, and as a licensed broker or holder of the CAIB designation, you'll get advanced standing in the program. You also get CE hours for courses completed.
• Did you know we issue T2202A receipts? Eligible students, who paid tuition and fees for qualifying courses, are permitted to claim these on their income tax returns.

Need more information? Watch what CIP graduates have to say on these and more topics:

• What is the value of the CIP designation from the perspective of a grad? 
• What are the top three things I need to know before entering the CIP program?
• What learning options are available to me, and what are the benefits of each for a busy broker?
• How will the CIP designation help me in my career?


Learn more about the CIP designation, including the Broker & Agent Applied Professional Series created just for you.


"CIP isn't just three letters behind your name - it represents respect amongst your colleagues, the industry and beyond."

Linda Guma (not in picture) – Licensed Commercial Lines Broker and current CIP Student


Use your CAIB or licensing education as credit towards the CIP

If you already have your CAIB or provincial agent/broker licence and wish to build on your knowledge and potential, consider becoming a Chartered Insurance Professional.

If you have your CAIB, you'll receive credit for:
• C11: Principles and Practice of Insurance (Mandatory Course)
• C130: Essential Skills for the Insurance Broker and Agent (Applied Professional Course)
• (1) unspecified elective course

If you have your Provincial Agent/Broker Insurance Licence, you'll receive credit for:
• C11: Principles and Practice of Insurance

We also offer credit for AIB, LLQP and more. Learn more.

Access our online library of monthly trends papers

Provided by the CIP Society, each Trends Paper provides a comprehensive starting point with enough scope, background and future considerations to inform your decision-making and start your research journey. With easy access and mobile friendly, they are a great resource for brokers.

Advanced CIP

The Insurance Institute now offers the new Advanced CIP certificate program - featuring two courses that have been identified by top brokerages as being of great benefit to brokers.
• A300: Critical Thinking for Insurance Professionals - this course will help you strengthen your critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills - within the context of the p&c insurance industry.
• A310: Business Foundations for Insurance Professionals - this course will give you an understanding of business issues in the context of the p&c insurance industry. 
Learn more about the courses above and the entire Advanced CIP program, which prepares CIP graduates for challenging opportunities in their field.

Career Opportunities

With membership, you will receive biweekly emails highlighting the most recent career opportunities in the industry.

Looking to obtain your broker or agent's licence, or know someone who is?

The Insurance Institute, at both the national and local level, works closely with provincial and territorial regulators to align our education options to help you obtain your licence - regardless of where you live and what career path you follow. Give yourself the best chance of success with our preparation courses - many of which include the licensing examination itself. To learn more about licensing in your province, click your local chapter or institute:

British Columbia
Atlantic provinces


If you would like to talk more about  how we can assist you to meet your educational and career goals, the manager at your local institute or chapter would be more than happy to help, as are our Member Services department. Additionally, you'll find value in our Ask the Institute resource -  it answers many of the questions that are asked by our students, and contains actual videos of them talking about their experiences.