Careers in Insurance

Whether you are looking to get started with a career in insurance, or already working in the industry, you’re in the right place. The industry, which has a wonderful and inclusive story to tell, offers variety, flexibility, above average advancement and a real sense of community. Helping you along the way is the Insurance Institute. We have developed these career resources to help you get started in the industry and then once you're in the industry, to help you maximize your career potential.

Make a Career Connection

Looking to get started in a great career in insurance?

The Career Connections website provides career profiles, role descriptions and entry points to get you started in a career in insurance. You can take our aptitude quiz, explore career profiles and watch our videos for nine key entry roles in insurance, visit our job site, and get connected to industry associations and employers in the industry.


Discover where your career can take you

In the industry? Looking to advance your career?

mycareer is a full suite of tools and resources that can help you maximize your career potential. Explore our career maps, review education pathways, watch the video advice reels and use our career management tools to help you plan and get to where you want to be.



the industry has a constant need for talented, creative, motivated people at all levels.

The insurance industry needs talented people at all levels with experience and skills sets from a wide variety of disciplines. Visit our job site to view current opportunities in the industry. Set yourself apart from the competition with our resume and networking tips. 


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As a Division of the Insurance Institute, Career Connections promotes careers in insurance on behalf of, and to meet the needs of, the property & casualty insurance industry in Canada.