Student Life and Insurance Careers

How can I complete the CIP program while balancing work, family and other commitments?

At the Insurance Institute, we understand you lead a busy life. Between work and personal obligations, time is a precious commodity. However, in the increasingly complex world of insurance, continuous learning isn’t an’s imperative. Students tell us that by working towards their CIP designation, they understand that they are making a sound investment in the future of the insurance profession and in their own careers. Your fellow students take advantage of several learning options to allow the flexibility they need to achieve their goals and maintain a sense of balance in life.

For example, we offer:

1. In-class learning: if you prefer a classroom environment, you might enjoy our evening classes. If you can't do evening, many local officers offer fast-track options like One Week, Weekend Warrior, or Saturday classes. Check out the in-class options at your local institute or chapter.
2. Virtual classes:
if you prefer to learn from the comfort of your own environment but still be connected to an instructor, we offer a number of live and self-paced virtual classes, and you can register for any virtual class across the country (please take into consider local time differences). Learn more about virtual classes.
3. Distance learning/independent study: if you can't find an in-class or virtual offering for the course you want to take, most of our courses are available via distance learning / independent study.

For tips, you could also reach out to your local Institute/Chapter Manager who can let you know about other industry professionals in your area who have been successful!

If my schedule doesn't allow me to attend evening classes, what options do I have?

Many students agree that virtual learning offers flexibility for those who like live instruction, but don’t have the time to physically go to class.  Some students choose to register in virtual classes in other provinces because of time zone differences which may allow them to take their class earlier or later than the classes that are available in their own province.

Distance Learning is another ideal option if you prefer self-directed study or the ability to schedule studying to suit your busy professional and personal commitments.

Please visit the Ask the Institute ‘CIP Program’ section for more information regarding the learning options available to our students.

What learning tools exist and how can they help me be successful?

As a student, you may not know that you have access to a number of different learning tools, including text books, online tutorials and student resource guides (where applicable). These contain sample questions and model answers to help you gauge your progress in learning the core text material.

Online tutorials are available for many CIP Program courses and provide students with additional study aids in an interactive, web-based environment. They are provided free-of-charge as part of the text bundle. Students tell us they use these tutorials to review course notes, test their knowledge by completing self-assessment quizzes, and post questions and comments for other students in a virtual discussion-group setting. An online tutor is available to answer course-related questions and direct the on-line discussion.

The new IIC Mobile Learning App is available for download on Google Play and iTunes. included in this free download is a full version of the Dictionary of Insurance and a free pack of 10 multiple choice exam questions for C11: Principles and Practice of insurance and C13: Insurance Against Liability - Part 1. there are five additional C11 and C13 question packs available for in-app purchase.

Find out more about learning tools to help you prepare for your exam.

Why is there no student resource guide and/or online tutorial for the course I am taking? Will I still be successful?

You may wonder why you received a student resource guide (SRG), or access to an online tutorial for one course in the CIP program but not another. It might be helpful to know that all material covered in the final exams for each course is drawn from the textbook. However, SRGs and online tutorials are available for the mandatory and applied professional courses to help supplement your learning. CIP textbooks are developed by the Insurance Institute’s Academic Programs team in collaboration with industry employers and subject matter experts, and the curriculum for each course textbook is designed to cover the most important skills and knowledge areas of the particular subject. Comprehensive review of all tools will ensure success!

I haven't taken a CIP course in a number of years. I am interested in restarting...will any of my previous course credits still stand?

Students are sometimes surprised to discover that the courses they took many years ago can be transferred into the current CIP Program. Our Member Services department can assist with answering questions regarding your student record. Courses will be retained on the student record, however the student must complete the program in accordance with the current CIP criteria. Contact a Member Services associate for details on your current standing in the program. Welcome back!