New and Future Students

What Institute resources are available to help me plan my career in insurance?

To help you consider and make decisions related to your career in the insurance sector, the Insurance Institute has developed mycareer. This comprehensive suite of tools and resources was designed to empower you to advance your career and map your education pathways in the industry. We encourage you to utilize the career maps, education pathways, career exploration tips and assessment tools to help you map where you are, discover where you can take your career and plan for what you want.

What are the top three things I need to know before enrolling in the CIP?

1. Your commitment: The CIP program will require time, dedication, and of course, a desire to learn. Before entering the CIP program, you should be aware of the time commitment that is required for each coursestudents tell us they spend on average, roughly three to five hours per week on the CIP.

2. You have options: There are a number of ways you can make the CIP work for you. For instance, some students with time restraints register in virtual courses through other Institutes in different time zones. If you prefer one format of learning over another, check out the course offerings in other Institutes/Chapters to see if they are offering a class that better suits your needs. Please remember to take local time differences into consideration when looking at virtual courses.

3. Planning is key: Some students tell us that the best way to ensure success in the program is to plan ahead. Familiarize yourself with the program: the CIP consists of 10 courses, five of which are mandatory. You will find a complete listing of exam rules and regulations on our website. Be sure to check out the program’s exemptions as wellif you hold a broker/agent’s licence, a life licence, or another professional designation, you may be eligible to transfer credits towards the CIP program.

Remember, we’re here to help you. If you have any questions about embarking on the path to your CIP designation, please feel free to contact your local Institute/Chapter Manager, or a member of our Member Services team.

In what order should I take the CIP courses?

C11: Principles and Practice of Insurance is the introductory course in the CIP Program, and you are required to take it as one of your first four courses. For students who are new to the industry, it’s common practice to take C11 first; however, some studentsparticularly those with a credit for C11 because they have their broker/agent licence, tell us they prefer to start with a different course that relates more specifically to their job. Students appreciate the flexibility within the program that allows them to choose the order of their courses. Some students prefer to take the Applied Professional courses early in the program, followed by the mandatory courses, and others prefer to take the courses sequentially. The key is to find what works best for you. For help with your specific situation, you can ‘Ask the Institute’ by contacting your local Institute/Chapter Manager, or a member of our Member Services team.

What is the fastest way to complete the CIP designation?

All students must complete the 10 courses (unless eligible to receive transfer credits for one or more courses). There are three semesters per year, and you can take as many of the CIP courses as you wish. Most students tell us that they usually feel comfortable taking one course per semester, as it allows them to focus their full attention on that course, while balancing full-time insurance jobs and active personal lives. Others have a schedule or preference that allows taking two or three each semesterstudents tell us they achieve this in a number of ways, including combining different delivery methods (in-class, virtual, or distance learning), or by attending “weekend warrior” or condensed one-week classes. On average, it takes most students roughly two to five years to complete the program. Refer to our website for the exam rules, regulations, and for information on exam results availability.

I have a licence or another designation. Can I get credit for it?

Most provinces’ broker/agent licences qualify for an exemption from the first course in the CIP program: C11: Principles and Practice of Insurance. Other industry designations might also qualify for exemptions; for example, Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker (CAIB) graduates receive advanced standing, which provides even more incentive to broaden your skills, expand your knowledge and extend your network. Learn more about available CIP credits here.

How can I complete CIP courses overseas?

Students studying overseas can take courses virtually or by distance learning. Here is a brief description of each:

Distance Learning / Independent study: Most CIP courses are available via this independent study learning format. Once you receive your materials by mail, you can begin studying and preparing for your examination.

Virtual Learning: Similar to a traditional class environment but is delivered via internet in a live, streamed web-enabled class. Please consider any time zone difference prior to enrolling in a virtual class from another province.

If you do not have access to an exam centre, please contact us so we can arrange an accessible location to write your CIP exam(s).
Fees per course vary based on your course selection and learning option. Please note: the Insurance Institute has an additional surcharge fee to cover overseas shipping costs for all course materials, examinations, and tests. Please contact Member Services for current distance learning or virtual learning course offerings, the schedule and registration information.

Is the CIP designation recognized internationally?

The Insurance Institute proudly supports the education and professional development of international students. The Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation is recognized and endorsed by employers internationally, setting industry standards for excellence. Although the Institutes’ courses are prepared specifically for the Canadian market, international students can enrol and obtain the CIP designation anywhere in the world.

If I have an insurance designation overseas, do I receive any credits towards the CIP program?

Insurance designations from international Institutes, such as the Insurance Institute of America, the Chartered Insurance Institute in the U.K. and the Insurance Institute of India may count towards accreditation programs at the Insurance Institute of Canada.

To have your overseas designation assessed, you will be required to submit a copy of your transcript and/or designation for review. To have your eligible credits applied, you will be required to become a member of the Insurance Institute and pay a credit transfer fee per course. Credit transfer fees vary based on the course(s) accredited. The Member Services team is available to walk you through the process of having your overseas credits transferred to our CIP program.

What is the Insurance Institute?

As insurance industry professionals, we are fortunate to have a not-for-profit association keeping us educated and up-to-date on the industry. You may not know that the Insurance Institute of Canada (IIC) has been around for more than 60 years, and it’s likely that at least one of your colleagues has been involved with the Insurance Institute in some way, shape or form over the years. The IIC is run by a Board of Governors who are senior executives from within the industry, representing a variety of insurers, brokers, adjusters and more. These influential industry professionals ensure your education needs are being met.