Environmental Claims & Spill Response Webinar (MDT)


Calgary, AB [Map]
Date and Time: October 19, 2022 1:00 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. MDT

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Environmental claims can often be extensive and catastrophic. Understanding the environmental process is integral when handling these claims in the remediation process. Knowing when to respond quickly can impact and help control the cost of environmental claims. Find out why it's important to focus on what is covered by the policy and how the "why's" align with the regulatory process. Case studies discuss various substances and illustrate why it's important to involve an environmental expert in these claims.

Webinar Objectives

• Understand the environmental process and how it impacts the remediation process
• Explain spill reporting and containment
• Identify environmental regulations and protocols
• Examine coverage, cost control and evaluation of historical contamination data
• Discuss indoor air quality impacted by mould, asbestos and illicit drugs
> • Review case studies to demonstrate the importance of hiring a field expert in environmental claims

Webinar Presenters

Katrina Patel, .Sc., P.Biol., R.P.Bio., Q.P. Sask., Team Lead - Western Canada - EFI Global Canada Inc.
Katrina is a Professional Biologist with eighteen years of industry experience. As the Team Lead, she oversees remediation of catastrophic hazardous material releases throughout Western North America. She assists in assessing and remediating mould and asbestos and has been working with her colleagues to develop and educate the industry in illicit drug management. Her background includes remediation of soil and groundwater using bacterial amendments, natural biofilters, and other recycled products. Past project experience includes large volume hazardous material clean ups, analysis of stormwater ditches and dewatering systems to reduce sedimentation, development and maintenance of treatment sites to remediate and/or recycle soils impacted as a result of industrial activities, and researching applications for remediating water or soil.

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