IINA Symposium 2022: Managing Risk: 'Start Right, Stay Right' - ALL 3 Days-Package


Edmonton, AB [Map]
Date and Time: September 27, 2022 - September 29, 2022

How is RISK impacting us and our industry nowadays? Join us for the Annual Northern Alberta Symposium event for three days of discussion on:

Managing Risk to Start Right and Stay Right from industry experts.

The Symposium aims to provide you with a fresh insight on the insurance industry and the opportunity to engage with thought leaders while learning alongside industry peers. Don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this important event. We will feature keynote speakers and experts to address the areas of Climate Change, Emerging Skillsets for Future Talent, and the Economic Landscape and Innovations affecting the Insurance Market.


Day 1 - September 27, 2022

Keynote: Dr Blair Feltmate, Head, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at University of Waterloo,Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm MDT
Blair is the Head of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation. Previous positions he has held include Vice President, Sustainable Development, Bank of Montreal; Director, Sustainable Development, OPG; Partner, Sustainable Investment Group/YMG Capital Management; and President, Sustainable Systems Associates. Blair has written textbooks on Sustainable Banking (University of Toronto Press), and Aquatic Ecology (CAB International). He is generally interviewed by the media 100-150 times per year.
Blair is a member of the Sustainable Finance Advisory Council, Global Risk Institute. He is Chair, Adaptation Committee, Canadian Institute for Climate Choices, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). He is on the Advisory Board on Climate Change, Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP), Ontario. He was Chair, Federal Government of Canada Expert Panel on Climate Adaptation and Resilience Results, and Chair, Electricity Transmission and Distribution Adaptation Standard, Canadian Standards Association. He is former Chair of Pollution Probe, and he was Chair/Founder of the Sustainable Electricity Program, Canadian Electricity Association.

Topic: Practical Adaptation: Preparing for Flooding, Wildfire and Extreme Heat!

AIC - 62644,   1 CE Hour General/Adjuster

Speaker: Rob De Pruis, National Director, Consumer and Industry Relations, Insurance Bureau of Canada, Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm MDT
In his 30 years in the insurance industry, Rob has held various senior leadership positions in claims and risk management at some of Canada’s leading insurance companies. As National Director, Consumer and Industry Relations, Rob oversees the activities of IBC’s Consumer Information Centres across the country, and leads the internal coordination of natural disaster preparation and response while liaising with IBC’s member companies. Rob also facilitates collaboration between the insurance industry and relevant stakeholders on special projects and initiatives, and acts as IBC’s corporate spokesperson on consumer-related issues. Rob is passionate about lifelong learning and holds numerous insurance industry and professional designations.

Topic: Severe Weather and Emerging Issues in Natural Catastrophes
Canada’s insurance claims due to severe weather have more than quadrupled over the past 15 years. Rob de Pruis, National Director, Consumer & Industry Relations at Insurance Bureau of Canada, offers insight into these trends and the important steps the industry has taken to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate. As we saw during the Lytton wildfire crisis in 2021, natural disasters can present unique challenges to the recovery and rebuilding process. Rob will share what we learned from this experience, and how the insurance industry is working closely with government to develop solutions that protect our most vulnerable communities.  

This session will also cover new and emerging insurance risks, including eco-friendly building materials, solar panels, inflation, and supply chain disruptions. Paired with the pressures of rising claims costs, we’ll investigate the measures that industry, governments and consumers need to take in order to build a more sustainable future.

AIC - 62645,   1 CE Hour General/Adjuster

Time: 2:30 – 3:30 pm MDT
Speakers: Amber Sandhu, Regional Underwriting Officer, National Accounts Surety, Travelers Insurance
In her current role, Amber is responsible for managing the large contractor surety program in Canada and  middle market and large contractor program in Europe. Amber is a former Board member for the Canadian Association of Women in Construction (CAWIC). She currents sits on the Governance & Nominations Committee for the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and is a member of the National Advisory Council for Manufacturers, Suppliers and Services for the CCA. 
                    Greg Schmidt,Underwriting Officer, Construction & Energy, Travelers Insurance
Greg Schmidt is the Underwriting Officer for Middle Market Accounts - Construction and Energy with Travelers Canada. In his current role, Greg is responsible for managing the underwriting portfolios of our mid to large contractors doing work in Canada as well as our Canadian contractors who work multi nationally.
                    Paul Gallately, AVP, Risk Control, Travelers Insurance
Paul Gallately started in Risk Control in 2002 and has been with Travelers Canada since 2014. He currently serves as the AVP of Risk Control based out of the Toronto office. He has a background in fire protection and has worked in various segments including construction, commercial accounts, transportation, and across all lines of coverage. He is responsible for strategic planning, operations, internal and external training, key account and complex risk assessments, Underwriting consult and value propositions.

Topic: Inflation and the economic impacts on contractors (Insureds)

Discussion Panel: With the many headwinds facing contractors; including talent shortages, supply chain disruption, evolving contracting models, inflation and the end of CEWS (Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy), how can Sureties and Insurers collaborate with contractors and insureds on risk management?

In a moderated discussion we will discuss the key areas of:
- Supply chain and trade risk management.
- Project delivery models and contract risk.
- Emerging Trends (i.e. cyber, prompt payment legislation) – How can a contractor prepare?
- Common risk trends leading to contractor failure and the insurer perspective on contractor and insured risk trends.

AIC - 62646,   1 CE Hour General/Adjuster

Day 2 - September 28, 2022

Speaker: Dr. Mansur Hasib, Global Award-Winning Cybersecurity Education and Personal Branding Leader and Author, Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm MDT
With more than 30 years of experience transforming organizations through digital strategy in healthcare, biotechnology, education, and nuclear energy and with a Doctor of Science in cybersecurity, Dr. Mansur Hasib is the first practitioner scholar to recognize and explain this in his best selling book Cybersecurity Leadership where he defines cybersecurity in the following manner: Cybersecurity is the mission-focused and risk-optimized governance of information, which maximizes confidentiality, integrity, and availability using a balanced mix of people, policy, and technology while perennially improving over time.

Topic: Cybersecurity as an Innovation Engine
           In the current era of perpetual connectivity at a global scale, the practice of cybersecurity as an innovation engine is a business distinction and revenue driver. We are no longer in an assembly line economy; we are in a knowledge and innovation driven economy. In this session Dr. Mansur Hasib will share his seminal work in the area of Cybersecurity Leadership and explain why and how information, information governance, and cybersecurity culture becomes an innovation engine for any organization.

           Culture of any organization is driven by people. People choose technology; they configure and use technology. They use information to drive decisions and to make themselves more productive and innovative. Such implementation of innovation culture begins to dramatically elevate the innovation and productivity of people. Instead of being cost centers, they become major revenue centers, and the most important intellectual assets of any organization.

AIC - 62647,   1 CE Hour General/Adjuster

Speaker: Susan Ancel, Director, One Water Planning, EPCOR, Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm MDT
Susan Ancel is responsible for the development of the strategic plans for the water, sanitary and storm water systems in Edmonton. In her prior role, she was Director of Stormwater Strategies, where she was responsible for developing an Integrated Resource Plan for flood mitigation that considered capital and operational risk mitigation planning, as well as the interrelationships between utilities, insurance, disaster response agencies and the public. Prior to her Stormwater Strategies role she was the Director of Water Distribution and Transmission for EPCOR. Susan is a Mechanical engineer with over 35 years’ experience with the municipal utility sector. She has also served on numerous industry committees including the Board of Directors for GITA, Finance Research Advisory Committee for the Water Research Foundation. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Canadian Water Network. In 2021, Susan was recognized with a Clean 50 award for her work in the development of the Stormwater Integrated Resources Plan for the City of Edmonton.

Topic: Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies 
            This session will provide an overview of Edmonton’s award winning Stormwater Integrated Resource Plan (SIRP) focused on the adaptation and mitigation of flooding impacts for the community. The strategy considers both riverine and urban flooding risks and approaches risk mitigation from the perspective of the health and safety, environmental, social and financial impacts of flooding. The session will also provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities between the insurance sector, the utility and municipal/provincial and federal government entities and efforts underway to improve communications and awareness of risk reductions as communities mitigate their flooding risks. Information will also be provided on EPCOR’s Free Flood Proofing Inspection program and how to access this program for your clients.

AIC - 62648,   1 CE Hour General/Adjuster

Speaker: Sid Kingma,Director, Investigative Services Western & Pacific Region, Équité, Time: 2:45 - 3:45 pm MDT
Sid Kingma brings 27 years of experience in law enforcement, including postings as an Inspector in the Criminal Investigations Division with the Edmonton Police Service. His experience includes managing/investigating organized gang and drug crimes, homicides, fraud investigations and auto theft investigations. Sid also spent several years in an undercover officer role as well as managing the undercover program for the Edmonton Police Service. Currently, Sid is the Western & Pacific Regional Director of Investigations at Équité Association. He leads a team investigating Insurance Fraud and Stolen Vehicle Recovery on behalf of the insurance industry.

Topic: Fraud in a Post Pandemic Economy

AIC - 62649   1 CE Hour General/Adjuster

Day 3 - September 29, 2022

Speakers: Felicia Mutheardy & Siddhartha Bhattacharya, Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm, MDT

Felicia Mutheardy, Corporate Economist, City of Edmonton
Felicia Mutheardy has almost a decade of experience in economic analysis, research, and government administration. Prior to joining the City of Edmonton, Felicia was a Senior Economist with the Government of Alberta. She has also held various positions with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, primarily with their Market Analysis Centre. Felicia holds both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree in Economics from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario.

Topic: City Views: Economic Insights for The City of Edmonton
An overview of current economic conditions in Edmonton, including impacts from the pandemic and how the economy has been faring in its recovery.  Felicia will also cover highlights from the City of Edmonton’s most recent long-term forecast and risks that may impact Edmonton’s economic performance.

Siddhartha Bhattacharya, Economist, ATB Economics
Siddhartha Bhattacharya is primaryily responsible for generating Alberta’s economic forecast & scenarios by analyzing trends in the provincial economy and across global markets. A seasoned professional with nearly a decade of experience in macroeconomic research & analysis, Siddhartha is known for keeping an eye on major economic events around the world and applying critical thinking to evaluate the causes and implications. Before starting in his role at ATB, Siddhartha was an Economist at Alberta Treasury Board and Finance for over five years, where he led most of the team’s macroeconomic forecasting, modelling & impact analysis work as well as conducted research on current topics & trends for publication purposes. He moved to Canada in 2012 and graduated from the University of Calgary with an M.A. in Economics in 2014. He also holds an M.Sc. in International Business from the University of Dundee in the UK and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from St. Xavier’s College in India." 

Topic: Perspectives: Latest Economic Trends for Alberta
Taking a bird’s eye view of the global, national, and provincial economy, Siddhartha will provide a timely overview of the many forces affecting Alberta's economic trajectory. This will include discussion of both energy and non-energy sectors, the labour market and how economic activity in Alberta has evolved, especially since the pandemic. The presentation will also reference ATB Financial’s latest economic forecast and what's next as we navigate inflation, rising interest rates and the other headwinds blowing against economies around the world.

AIC - 62650,   1 CE Hour General/Adjuster

Speaker: Dan Carter, SVP of Global Risk Consulting and Actuarial,Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm MDT
Dan is a Sr VP and National Leader within Aon Global Risk Consulting. In this role, he is responsible for providing consulting services to clients from all risk management perspectives; advisory support and projects, including risk assessments, ERM reporting tool development, alternative risk finance feasibility studies, retention analysis, limits reviews, reciprocal feasibility, and captive optimization studies as well as risk financing decision platform analysis. As a National Leader based in Western Canada, he also leads teams for Property Risk Control, Forensic Accounting services (Claims Preparations and Valuations) and Consultancy in the areas of Casualty Risk, Occupational Health and Safety, WCB analytics, and Disability Management.

Prior to joining Aon in 2015, Dan served as manager, corporate insurance, and risk management at Talisman Energy Inc. Prior to Talisman, he worked at Royal Dutch Shell for 12 years in risk management, risk finance, and commercial positions.

Dan earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science and psychology from Baylor University. His professional education includes the Insurance Institute of America and Crawford and Company and Associate in Risk Management (Financing and Principles/Practices).

Topic: Risk Quantification: Utilizing Modern Analytics for Better Risk Capital Decisions 
            This session will discuss data, analytics, technology and supply that is changing how risk capital is priced and deployed in the global marketplace.

Topic: Insurance Model Evolution and Future Skillset Demands 
            This discussion will include an overview of actuarial methodologies, alternative risk financing concepts and skillsets that are fundamentally changing the insurance model in the future.

AIC - 62651,   1 CE Hour General/Adjuster

Speakers: Diane McLeod & Chris Stinner , Time: 2:30 am - 3:30 pm, MDT

                    Diane McLeod, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Albert
Diane McLeod was appointed Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta on August 1, 2022. She is Alberta’s fourth Information and Privacy Commissioner. For more than 25 years, Diane has been committed to helping governments, health care providers and businesses protect the access to information and privacy rights of citizens, patients and customers. Most recently, she served as Yukon’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, along with the roles of Ombudsman and Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner. In these roles, she helped to grow the offices, supported a culture of compliance across government and healthcare, and upheld individuals’ rights. Prior to her experience in the Yukon, Diane worked at the OIPC including as the Director of PIPA. She also worked in private practice in British Columbia supporting clients in complying with access and privacy laws, and for the former Calgary Health Region where she was responsible for the administration of FOIP and HIA. Diane has also been a member of a clinical medical research ethics board evaluating privacy risks in research proposals. She obtained her law degree from the University of Victoria in 2009 and has been called to the bars of British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon.
As Information and Privacy Commissioner, one of Diane’s priorities is to ensure access and privacy rights are prioritized in Alberta’s efforts to diversify the economy through data-driven innovations. This includes advocating for modernized access to information and privacy laws that enable digitization across Alberta’s public, health and private sectors while safeguarding the rights of Albertans.

                    Chris Stinner, Manager, Special Projects and Investigations, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta
Chris conducts investigations related to systemic issues in the field of information access and privacy, across Alberta legislation governing the public, private and health sectors, including joint investigations with other offices. Chris also has experience reviewing privacy impact assessments and working on privacy breaches. Before his time with the OIPC, Chris has worked as a privacy advisor in the health sector, helping physician practices, hospitals and private sector entities comply with information and privacy legislation. Since 2010, Chris has also been a bilingual instructor for students in the University of Alberta’s IAPP program. Chris obtained his MBA from the University of Alberta in 2007 and holds the CIPP/C designation from the International Association of Privacy Professionals. Soon after graduating, he fell into the fascinating field of access and privacy and hasn't looked back."

Topic: Ensuring Privacy in the Remote Workplace
            The presentation will address privacy and information security best practices for anyone working remotely, as well as discuss trends in privacy breaches reported to the OIPC.

AIC - 62652,   1 CE Hour General/Adjuster

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