Building Construction 101 - Webinar (EST)


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Date and Time: September 08, 2022 9:00 am - 12:15 pm ET
Melanie Needham, President of MRD Consulting
MRD Training & Consulting Inc.


Building Construction 101 is designed to put the pieces of the construction types and insurance industry puzzle together. Don’t let the name "101" fool you — participants are calling this session a master’s course because of the vast and valuable information included.

This half-day session breaks down the complexity of the construction types and the underwriting complexity around each type. You will engage in learning activities that will enable you to fully understand the five categories (Types 1–5), ranging from the stoutest of construction to that which will most likely fail rapidly when under fire conditions.


• Understanding the 5 types of construction and able to identify them

• Learning the underwriting considerations and claims considerations around these types

• Discussing by-laws and the concerns surrounding by-laws

Seminar Leader: Melanie Needham, FCIP, CRM
President, MRD Consulting

RIBO CE Hours: 3 Hours ON/AB/MB

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