Cannabis: Insurance & Risk Management Implications - Webinar


Dartmouth, NS [Map]
Date and Time: October 08, 2020 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. Atlantic

As of October 17, 2018, recreational Cannabis possession and consumption was legalized in Canada, immediately affecting all aspects of property and casualty insurance. One year later the federal government introduced regulations in regards to cannabis edibles, extracts, and topicals, or Cannabis 2.0. In this update, we will review the industry’s readiness for legalization and look at issues and decisions that are continuously being made regarding the many minute factors that this legalization has and will affect.

Are you keeping up-to-date on all the ways our industry is being impacted?

How will it affect your work as an insurance professional?
Your Insurance Institute is closely monitoring the situation, along with our friends at the Insurance Bureau of Canada . In this session we’ll bring you up to the minute information on the changing regulatory and risk landscapes and corresponding potential solutions.

What you will learn:
You will leave this seminar with an advanced understanding of insurance-specific implications of cannabis as at the date of the seminar—the knowledge you need to continue doing your job effectively.

Who should attend:
All insurance professionals need to know about this: including brokers, underwriters and claims professionals.

Topics covered:

1. Exploration of  regulatory landscapes:

(production of marijuana)
operation of motor vehicles, heavy equipment and machinery, assessment of the technical aspect
(sales and distribution of marijuana)
               - understanding the patchwork rules, what is different provincially vs other jurisdictions
               - applicable by-laws, tax implications

2. Review of the risks associated with possession and use of cannabis in the following contexts:

          Automobile Liability  
               – the coverage implications of legislation, state of technology for testing, roadside test pilot, new drug impaired offences
Social and Commercial Host Liability
               – cannabis-related impairment, development of common law negligence
Condominium Management and Directors duties
               – rules and responsibilities, how to balance rights of the individual vs the condo
Personal Lines Underwriting
               – medical users and non-medical users, human rights considerations
Commercial Lines Underwriting
– commercial property underwriting and claims considerations
Commercial Liability for Producers and Distributers
               – understanding the liability matrix
Consequential impact on trademark and intellectual property
               – identifying issues with IP including strains of cannabis and IP

3.Cannabis 2.0: the Impact of Edibles and Retail Challenges

Webinar Leader

Marc Lefebvre, BA -
Underwriting Coordinator, Insurance Bureau of Canada
Marc is coordinator or for the IBC Wordings Advisory Group, responsible for the drafting of model advisory wordings. As well, Marc is an active member of IBC’s CAMP team, which deploys to areas affected by large claims events. Marc was in Fort McMurray for the return of evacuees in 2016 and Kamloops, BC in 2017 after the wildfires to meet with consumers and answer their insurance related questions.

2.5 CE Credits available for:
Alberta #55117
Manitoba #34775
British Columbia

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