Interpersonal / Communication

Your ability to communicate and engage others helps build and shape your career as much as your skills and knowledge - that's where our professional development programs come in. 

In-class Interpersonal/Communication Courses

Think on Your Feet®

This renowned two-day course teaches you how to better analyze, organize and present your ideas quickly—a core skill in business today. It means getting your ideas across clearly, concisely, persuasively (and be remembered).  Clear Thinking = Clear Speaking! The Insurance Institute and McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc have partnered to make the world-renowned Think on Your Feet® course available through the Insurance Institute. Learn more about Think on Your Feet®. 

Building Better Relationships at Work using DiSC®

This one-day course is designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of your personal style and your impact on others. You’ll learn how to minimize potential conflict resulting from differing styles and approaches, bridge the gaps and develop strategies to better communicate and work with individuals whose style is different than yours. Learn more about Building Better Relationships at Work

You may also take part in programs delivered by your local chapter or institute and led by industry professionals and subject matter experts.