Essential Management Skills

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Leading others is challenging.

Having the skills to lead others makes the challenge enjoyable and rewarding.

Moving from career professional into the role of management is an exciting step in your career. Do you have the skills you need to be effective in your new role?


New managers must work hard to adapt to the challenges of managerial work and their new network of relationships and responsibilities. The transition into management requires changes in the way you:

•  Present yourself
•  Interact with your team
•  Work and organize your day
•  Make decisions
•  Are measured and evaluated 

Learning to effectively handle the stresses, challenges and changes associated with leading others is often as important to your career's success as your specific achievements at work. Come and learn more about your Leadership style and its impact on your team; the Performance Management Life Cycle; Delegation; Conflict Management; and Motivation.  You will leave the course equipped with the core skills of management that will enable you to master the day-to-day challenge of leading others and achieve maximum results through your direct reports.

What You Will Learn

•   How to get started on the right path and make the transition as smooth as possible
•   Your natural leadership style and how it affects everyone around you
•   How to profile the personal characteristics and needs of each member of your team
•   How to develop solid relationships built on trust and achieve results through others
•   Manage performance by establishing SMART goals, tracking progress, delegating effectively, helping others
     grow and develop their skills
•   How to plan, prepare for and conduct effective performance appraisal meetings
•   Tips and techniques to enhance your communication skills using the power of words, questioning techniques,
     listening, and applying various communication styles  
•   How to recognize conflict styles and interpersonal needs in conflict situations
•   Techniques for creating a motivated team 


How You Will Benefit

1. Gain a deeper understanding of your role as a manager and what it takes to lead.
2. Recognize how to best adapt your style to meet the unique needs of each of your direct reports. 
3. Master the basics of performance management, delegation, communication and motivation as you evolve into an effective leader.

Who Should Register

Whether you are an aspiring, a new or an experienced manager, if your success depends on your ability to influence and achieve results through others, then this course is for you.


Program Details

Duration:       3 days
Time:              8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Price:              $ 1025 Institute Members (plus applicable taxes)
                        $ 1125 Non-members       (plus applicable taxes)
CE Credits:    Eligible where applicable

To inquire about an 'in-house' program for your organization, contact Member Services.


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