Annual General Meeting 2023


Zoom, Southern Alberta, AB [Map]
Date and Time: June 06, 2023 2:30pm - 3:30pm MDT

To all Members in good standing of the Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta and other designated invitees:

The Annual General Meeting of the Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta (the Institute) will be held on Tuesday June 6, 2023 at 2:30 pm, through Zoom virtual conferencing system.


Roll Call, Establishment of Quorum, Proof of Notice of Meeting
Reading of Minutes
Reports of Committees
Presentation of Financials
Special Resolution for Amendment to Bylaws
Approval of Acts of Directors
Appointment of Auditors
Banking Resolution
Unfinished Business
New Business

Tell me about being on the IISA Council!

All roles on the IISA Council are filled through the elections at the Annual General Meeting.  This includes Commitee roles, Commitee Chair roles, as well as the Executive Committee roles such as President, VP Academic Division, VP Professionals Division, and Secretary-Treasurer.

The Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta (IISA), the local representation of the Insurance Institute of Canada, is a not-for-profit entity in existence to serve the educational and professional development needs of the p&c insurance industry. As such, to ensure the IISA continues to meet the distinct local needs of our industry, IISA's local direction, educational programming, and events are guided by a volunteer Council made up of professionals from all areas of our Southern Alberta industry. With the IISA AGM coming up, the IISA Council is looking to add to its roster a number of experienced and influential individuals who have spirit and enthusiasm for the industry and who have an interest in contributing to the guidance and direction of the IISA.

Academic Division (headed by VP Academic - Executive Commitee Role)

The CIP Program: While the CIP educational curriculum is developed by the Insurance Institute of Canada, locally the IISA is empowered to put the Southern Alberta stamp on the delivery of the program. That involves the scheduling of the classes, instructor recruitment / retention / development, our geographical reach and, overall, ensuring that our local delivery of the program meets the needs of our Southern Alberta students and employers. Council’s role is forward thinking in developing strategic plans for the future direction of the local delivery of the program.

Licensing:  A critical component of our industry, licensing materials and courses are an important service offered by the Institute to the industry - be it direct writers, agents, brokers, or adjusters. Council keeps current on the happenings in the licensing arena and helps guide the Institute forward.

Career Connections: The Institute works hard to deliver the message that our industry holds great opportunity to those looking for career direction. This message is delivered in various formats to high school students, university/college students, and career changers. Council assists in promoting the program and recruiting Ambassadors to represent Career Connections at the various events.

Professionals Division (headed by VP Professionals - Executive Commitee role)

Seminars: In addition to the CIP program, IISA is also deeply involved in delivering supplementary educational offerings in the form of seminars and speaker events. Council is pivotal in developing topics and securing speakers that will be interesting and relevant to our membership and the industry as a whole. Ongoing education is critical in our ever-changing industry and IISA responds with seminar opportunities.

Special Events & Communications:Council also works to identify suitable CIP Society social/networking events. Not only do these events provide a useful and enjoyable venue for industry members to gather, socialize, and network, they also help to create a heightened awareness of the Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta and help to project and promote the professional image of the IISA. Bundling all of these objectives into a fun and entertaining event is the goal!

The Commitment

Council members commit to meet bi-monthly from 3:00 to 4:00 pm for regularly scheduled Council Meetings. Additional time may be needed depending on the specific Council role and committee.

If you would like to contribute to the direction and success of the Institute in serving Southern Alberta industry professionals, please call Seti Mazaheri, Manager-IISA, at 403-266-3427.

Registration Required

Zoom platform, you will need Audio on your computer

All Attendees mus be Members of the IISA in Good Standing - Membership renewed for the 2023/2024 year.

NO CE Hours offered.