Feed the Minds of Youth - Take Our Kids to Work Day

London Club

177 Queens Avenue, 'London Room', London, ON, N6A 1J3 [Map]
Date and Time: November 06, 2019 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Every year, through their "Take Our Kids to Work Day" TM program ( www.takeourkidstowork.ca), the Learning Partnership   promotes the opportunity for Grade 9 students to accompany their parent or guardian to the workplace to learn more about jobs and careers. You, like many, are wondering... "What in the world am I going to do with my kid at work for a whole day!"

Let the Insurance Institute help out!

To complement the Learning Partnership's program, the Southwestern Chapter of the Insurance Institute is hosting a Feed the Minds of Youth Luncheon at the Chapter  offices. This free luncheon event will provide your child with a fun learning opportunity spanning several career areas in the p&c insurance industry. So, not only will your Grade 9 learn about your job while they are at work with you, they will also learn about other p&c insurance opportunities from our FTMOY guest speakers who will talk about their insurance roles and how they got there. We even have some interactive insurance games and prizes to make it even more fun and to picque their interest in our industry.

Please contact the Southwestern Chapter at 519-432-3666 southwesternmail@insuranceinstitute.ca for further information or if you would like to register (registration is limited).  Please do not register online as consent paperwork is required from all attendees.Registration and Consent Forms will be sent to registrants closer to the date.

Unable to Attend? If you are unable to attend at the Feed the Minds of Youth Luncheon but you and several others at your work are interested in the program, please contact us as we are able to provide to your company free of charge a "Feed the Minds of Youth Event-in-a-Box" to help you coordinate your own event. You'll receive career information, games and suggestions to help you make the most of your time with your young guests (and potential recruits in a few years!!).

See you and your Grade 9's in November.