Rehabilitation Benefits Administration

  • In partnership with Seneca College’s Faculty of Continuing Education and Training
  • This 10-course program is designed to educate insurance professionals who work with injured or disabled claimants on proper care and guidance.
  • Provides a deeper understanding of the rehabilitation process to better serve claimants, using theory and practical application.
  • Current employment or volunteer work in rehabilitation is strongly recommended.

Program Courses

You may choose to start with either the Seneca College courses or the Insurance Institute CIP courses first.

Seneca College, Faculty of Continuing Education & Training 

Six Rehabilitation Courses

SRC 935:   Introduction to Rehabilitation*  
SRC 939:   Vocational Rehabilitation II*  
SRC 937:   Case Management*   
SRC 934:   Interviewing and Counselling   
SRC 936:   Community Resources
SRC 941:   Assessment Approaches 

* must be taken as the first three Seneca College courses, in the order listed above.  Subsequent courses can be taken in any order. 

Insurance Institute, CIP Program

Four Insurance Courses

C11:    Principles and Practice of Insurance*
C14:    Automobile Insurance - Part 1 
C110:  Essentials of Loss Adjusting 
C32:    Bodily Injury Claims  

** C11 must be the first Insurance Institute CIP course taken.

Tuition & Fees

The total cost of the Rehabilitation Benefits Administration Certificate includes:

  • The cost of the 6 Seneca College courses
  • The cost of the Insurance Institute CIP courses
  • A $40 (+ tax) registration administration fee (paid upon completion)
  • A $60 (+ tax) certificate fee (paid upon completion)
  • Annual local Institute membership fee

Obtaining Your Certificate

Once you have completed the10 required courses, please provide the following to the Insurance Institute’s Member Services department:

  • an official transcript of your Seneca grades within six months of successfully completing the sixth course
  • payment of the $40.00 registration administration and $60.00 certificate fee (Total:$113) by credit card or cheque, mailed to the following address:

The Insurance Institute of Ontario
Re: Rehabilitation Benefits Administration Certificate
18 King Street East
6th floor 
Toronto, ON 
M5C 1C4

Upon receipt of the above items, your Certificate will be mailed to you within 4 weeks.

Note: If you are member in good standing of another local institute and complete the program requirements, you are still eligible for an Insurance Institute of Ontario certificate; local institutes may, however, choose to award their own certificates.


Additional Information

For information concerning Seneca courses:

• Online – Seneca Continuing Education - Rehab Certificate Program
• By phone – Registration office at (416) 493-4144
• In person – Newham Campus

For information concerning Insurance Institute courses:

• By phone – Member Services Team at 1-866-362-8585
• In person – Visit your local chapter or institute.