B230 Applied Commercial Solutions (Fall 2019)

In the program’s final course, you will tie together the skills and themes from the previous two courses. A multi-week case study allows you to see the application of relevant solutions to a commercial enterprise as it grows. Next, you will examine how corporate strategy affects coverage decisions, giving you the skills needed to manage a profitable commercial portfolio. Finally, you will explain how emerging industry developments are disrupting the status quo - and how these trends will impact your future in commercial insurance.


  • Case Study: Starting a Company
  • Case Study: Incorporating the Company and Moving to a Commercial Space
  • Case Study: Manufacturing a Product
  • Case Study: Engaging in E-commerce and International Shipping
  • Case Study: Building a Manufacturing/Warehouse Facility and Expanding the Retail Business
  • Maintaining a Profitable Portfolio
  • The Impact of Portfolio Decisions on Underwriters
  • Case Study: A Profitable Portfolio
  • The Evolving Market

    Course materials include an Insurance Institute textbook.

    Evaluation for this course is based on the following:

    Length: One term (13 weeks).

    Delivery: Facilitated online learning. There is no weekly live class, but all students follow the same weekly schedule for readings, assignments, and graded online interaction. Students should plan to log in to the course website at least twice a week to participate in graded activities. The course instructor provides guidance and grades student work.

    Time commitment: About 6-8 hours per week to complete readings, learning activities and discussion.

    Students who have successfully completed either B210: Commercial Insurance Essentials, or C70: Gateway to Commercial Insurance.

    Please note: The textbook for course B230: Specialized Solutions and Skills for Commercial Insurance is currently in production. We will begin shipping the textbook for this course at the end of August 2019.

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    B230: Applied Commercial Solutions Tuition Fee (Fall 2019) $730.00
    B230: Applied Commercial Solutions Textbook $179.00
    Assessment Fee (Please Note: The cost of the assessment is included in the tuition cost) $0.00

    Total: $909.00