CE OnDemand Policies

The following policies apply to individually purchased CE OnDemand courses and the CE OnDemand catalogue.

Enrolment Period

Courses may be accessed in eLearning for six months from the date of purchase. If a course has not been completed during the enrolment period, it must be repurchased individually or through a new catalogue order.


The CE OnDemand courses or catalogue can be cancelled for a full refund within 10 business days of the purchase date if no courses have been accessed in eLearning. No refund is offered after the registrant clicks on the course icon and launches any course in eLearning. For further information, contact Member Services at:

        1-866-362-8585 or IICmail@insuranceinstitute.ca


If an individual course has not been accessed in eLearning, the registration may be transferred to another individual CE OnDemand course OR the CE OnDemand catalogue during the original enrolment period. The original enrolment expiry date will apply to the new course or all the courses in the catalogue.

Duplicate Purchases

If the same course or the catalogue is purchased within six months of the first purchase date, the second order can be cancelled for a full refund. Note that the cancellation must be requested during the FIRST enrolment period. Normal cancellation rules will apply if the second order was made after the first enrolment period has expired.

Certificates of Completion

To obtain a Certificate of Completion or CE Certificate, the entire course must be completed, and the quiz must be completed with a score of 80% or higher.  There is no limit to the number of times the learner may attempt the quiz. The certificate will be available for download and/or printing immediately after passing the quiz. Certificates will display the first date the quiz was passed and cannot be backdated.

Certificates may be reprinted at any time. If a reprint is required after the course enrolment period has expired, contact Learning Technologies for assistance:

        1-866-362-8585 or elearning@insuranceinstitute.ca

Group Sales

Individual registrations may be transferred to another individual within six months of a group catalogue purchase if the original registrant has not completed any of the courses in the catalogue. If the original registrant has completed any course, the registration is not transferrable.

Group orders may be cancelled within 60 days of the original purchase date. Full refunds will be issued for non-accessed registrations only. If any course was accessed by an individual registrant, no refund will be offered on that registration. An administration fee of $10 will apply on each registration cancellation requested.