M260: Fundamentals of Managing General Agents & Delegated Authority

This course is not available for registration at this time. Please see the Key Dates on the Program Courses page for further information.

An introduction to the unique role of Managing General Agents (MGAs). In this course you will develop an in-depth understanding of how MGAs differ from traditional brokers/agents and insurers by analyzing how MGAs define and serve a market segment, and how they play a key role in the p&c industry both domestically and internationally. In addition, you will examine the subtleties of delegated underwriting authority from the perspective of all participants, and learn about the effective establishment, management, and development of an MGA.

• What is a Managing General Agent?
• Commercial Liability for MGAs
• Introduction to Delegated Authority
• Legal and Regulatory Framework
• Setting Up a Delegated Authority Contract
• The Contractual Framework
• Underwriting Management
• Claims Management
• Business Support
• Monitoring and Auditing

Course materials include a textbook.

Evaluation for this course is based on the following:
• Tests
• Discussion
• Assignments

All evaluated work is delivered and submitted through the course web page on our e-learning website. The tests are unproctored.

Length: One term (13 weeks).

Delivery: Facilitated online learning. There is no weekly live class, but all students follow the same weekly schedule for readings, assignments, and graded online interaction. Students should plan to log in to the course website at least twice a week to participate in graded activities. The course facilitator provides guidance and grades student work.

Time commitment: About 6–8 hours per week to complete readings, assignments and other activities.

Before registering for this course, you must have completed or be in progress on the following:
• B210: Commercial Insurance Essentials or C70: Gateway to Commercial Insurance

We recommend that you also have at least two years’ experience as an insurance industry professional (broker, agent, underwriter, analyst) or have completed (at a minimum) either C81 and C82 (GIE) or C11.

The Canadian Managing General Agent program is designed for
• Professionals working in the MGA space who want to further their training and acquire a formal credential
• Insurance professionals with a passion for entrepreneurship
• Underwriters who want a role that is challenging, fast-paced, and evolving

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