B210: Commercial Insurance Essentials


In the program’s introductory course you will identify, define, and explain the essentials of commercial insurance. You will review contextual factors, key stakeholders, and the central elements of crafting commercial solutions. These concepts are illustrated through descriptions and scenario-based case studies. Additionally, you will develop the skills to reduce pain points in the insuring process and to collaborate with insurance professionals. As the first course, B210 covers topics that you will revisit throughout the program and your career.


  • The Commercial Insurance Context
  • Commercial Insurance Stakeholders
  • Risk Management and Commercial Insurance
  • Identifying Exposures
  • Applying for Coverage
  • Analyzing Risk
  • Implementing the Policy
  • Commercial Claims
  • Commercial Property Exposures
  • Commercial Property Solutions

Course materials include a textbook.

Evaluation for this course is based on the following:

The tests are unproctored and delivered through the course web page on our e-learning website.

Length: One term (13 weeks).

Delivery: Facilitated online learning. There is no weekly live class, but all students follow the same weekly schedule for readings, assignments, and graded online interaction. Students should plan to log in to the course website at least twice a week to participate in graded activities. The course instructor provides guidance and grades student work.

Time commitment: About 6-8 hours per week to complete readings, learning activities and discussion.


  • Beginner/junior associate commercial lines underwriters/brokers who wish to become intermediate/full associate commercial lines underwriters/brokers
  • Insurance underwriters/brokers in personal lines who wish to transition to commercial lines
  • Other individuals in the insurance industry (e.g., claims professionals) who want a deeper understanding of the topics and skills necessary for commercial underwriters/brokers.

  • Students should have some general insurance knowledge. The Insurance Institute recommends that interested participants either have two years’ experience as an insurance industry professional (broker, agent, underwriter, analyst), or have completed either C81 and C82 (GIE) or C11.


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