M280 - CMGA Comprehensive Examination

After successfully completing all three courses in the Canadian Managing General Agent (CMGA) program, to earn the CMGA designation you can register to write the CMGA Comprehensive Examination. The exam is based on the CMGA competency profile found here. To help you study, you can review the CMGA examination blueprint found here. You must login to eLearning to access the competency and blueprint document. Please note only registered students can access the eLearning site.

Examination Eligibility and Registration


Registration for the CMGA Comprehensive Examination requires prior successful completion of the CMGA program courses below:

  • B210: Commercial Insurance Essentials*
  • M260: Fundamentals of Managing General Agents & Delegated Authority
  • M270: Applied MGA Practices

* If you have completed CIP course C70: Gateway to Commercial Insurance, you do not need to complete course B210.

In addition to passing the CMGA Comprehensive Examination, to be eligible for the CMGA designation candidates must either hold a Chartered Insurance professional (CIP) designation or show that they have a minimum of two years' experience in a P&C insurance related role. Proof of experience can be provided after the exam is written.

To register for your exam please contact Member Services at 1-866-362-8585.

For exam fees, click here.

Exam Times and Schedule

Final examinations are held twice a year on a specific date. Once you are registered to write the exam, you can select the date and time that works for you.

Examination Dates

Exam Date Registration Opens Deadline to Register/Book Rescheduling/Transfer Deadline (no charge) - 24 hours before
June 20, 2023 September 20, 2022 June 19, 2023 June 19, 2023
September 20, 2023 June 21, 2023 September 19, 2023 September 19, 2023

Upon registration for an examination, a booking confirmation email will be sent to you. The examinations will be virtually proctored. Visit our Virtually Proctored Computer-Based Examination webpage for more information. 

To obtain exam details:

1. Log into the exam portal 
2. Click “Exam Details“ beside the exam in question

The final examination schedule is also accessible on the website under “My Current Courses.”

Examination Policies


Candidates are allowed to reschedule up to 24 hours prior to their scheduled exam, within the same examination session at no additional charge, capacity permitting. Candidates can also transfer to another examination session 24 hours prior to the scheduled exam, at no additional charge for up to a year of their initial registration. If they have not written their exam within that year, they will forfeit their exam fee only and will need to register again.

If a candidate wishes to reschedule in the same session or transfer to the next administration within 24 hours of their exam booking, an additional charge of $50 will apply.


Candidates who miss their scheduled exam must contact Member Services to reschedule in the same session or transfer to another administration. An additional charge of $50 will apply. Candidates must complete the exam within one year of the missed exam.


If a candidate wishes to fully withdraw, their exam fee will be forfeited.


Candidates are allowed two rewrites or three attempts in total within a year. If a candidate fails the examination three times, they will be required to retake the program courses before attempting to write the examination again. To register for a rewrite examination, please contact Member Services at 1-866-362-8585 before the deadlines noted above.


For information on accommodations, please click here.


Multiple choice exams are carefully constructed to ensure that each question is accurately scored. Exam questions are also reviewed after administration to ensure that there are no errors in the scoring. If a candidate believes that an exam is erroneously scored they can request a rescore for a fee of $50 which will consist of a manual recount of the candidate’s answers, but it is unlikely to produce a changed result.

The deadline to appeal your grade is seven (7) business days from the date of the grade release. Should you wish to appeal your examination, please contact Member Services at 1-866-362-8585.

Examination Format

The comprehensive examination is two hours in duration and consists of 100 multiple choice questions (MCQs). The questions are a combination of scenario-based MCQs, which include a short scenario followed by several MCQs linked to that scenario, and stand-alone MCQs that are self contained. You can find some sample questions here.

Each MCQ is worth one mark. For a breakdown of the distribution of questions on the exam, refer to the Canadian Managing General Agent Examination Blueprint.

Examination Results

Candidates who pass the comprehensive exam will receive a congratulatory letter awarding them the CMGA designation if they have met the eligibility requirements. Candidates who are not successful in passing the comprehensive examination will receive a score report showing them a breakdown of their score based on the CMGA competency profile. The score report can be used to assist the candidate in understanding areas where they need further study.

The exam cut score or passmark is set at 70%.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use my CMGA designation?

You will be awarded your CMGA Designation upon successful completion of the CMGA program courses and if you hold a CIP Designation or have submitted a signed letter from your employer stating that you have a minimum of two years experience in a Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance related role.

Are all exams in closed book format?

Examinations are closed book and virtually proctored. Visit our virtually proctored examinations page for more information. You can refer to our Virtually Proctored FAQs for more information on virtually proctored exams.