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The Managing General Agent (MGA) marketplace is experiencing rapid growth as demand increases for specialized coverage and products that fall outside the normal range of risk tolerance for most companies. A Managing General Agent can analyze high-risk or niche markets and provide customers with tailor-made coverage. This three-course MGA program will introduce you to the essentials and equip you to operate effectively in the MGA space. Earn your CMGA (Canadian Managing General Agent) designation by completing all three courses and passing a comprehensive exam.**

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Courses and Examination

B210: Commercial Insurance Essentials*
Learn how to identify, define, and explain the essentials of commercial insurance.
Offered in fall, winter and spring terms
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M260: Fundamentals of Managing General Agents & Delegated Authority
Analyze how MGAs serve a defined market segment and uncover the subtleties of delegated underwriting authority.
New course
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M270: Applied MGA Practices
Use a problem-based scenario, apply key concepts to address challenges that arise in establishing and operating an MGA.
New course
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M280: CMGA Comprehensive Examination
Successfully complete all three courses in the CMGA program and you can register to write the CMGA Comprehensive Examination.
The CMGA Comprehensive Examination is typically offered twice during the summer months. Discover more about the exams.
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Who should take the Canadian Managing General Agent program?

  • Professionals working in the MGA space who want to further their training and acquire a formal credential
  • Insurance professionals with a passion for entrepreneurship
  • Underwriters who want a role that is challenging, fast-paced and evolving
  • Participants should have two years experience as an insurance industry professional (broker, agent, underwriter, analyst) or have completed (at a minimum) either C81 and C82 (GIE) or C11



Fall term
June 15 to August 31, 2023
Winter term
October 1 to December 31, 2023
Spring term
January 15 to March 31, 2024



Completion of this certificate will allow you to:

Understand the purpose of MGAs and how they differ from brokers/agents and insurers

Understand the key distinctions between underwriting and delegated underwriting authority in the MGA space

Explain exposures and risks within the MGA focus/niche markets

Learn to think like an MGA - outside the prescribed underwriting box

**Successfully complete all three courses to earn your MGA certificate. To earn the CMGA designation, you must also pass a comprehensive exam at the end of the program.

*Alternative to B210: Commercial Insurance Essentials

Please note that the CIP program elective C70 Gateway to Commercial Insurance is based on the same content as B210 and can be taken as an equivalent credit. C70 may be offered in-class or virtually through your local Insurance Institute or Chapter or via independent study.

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