General Level 1 (Broker/Agent) Licensing Preparation

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We provide study resources to prepare you to pass your General Level 1 (Broker/Agent) Licensing exam.

We provide the following options to suit your preferred learning mode:

1. Self-study kit
2. In-class
3. Virtual class

Self-Study kit: new, fresh and updated!

If you prefer independent study or if you need to be able to schedule studying to suit your busy professional and personal commitments, this format is perfect for you. Our course materials are presented as a self-directed learning kit to help you prepare for the licensing exam.

Our updated, streamlined, General Level One Self-Study Kit aligns with the AIC's new exam as of January 2016.
It also includes practice exam questions to give you even more preparation for your exam.

It includes:

1. Alberta General Level One Licensing Manual
2. Alberta Automobile Insurance Supplement
3. Comprehensive Homeowner, Tenants, Condominium Unit Owner Package Policy
4. Alberta Standard Automobile Policy S.P.F. No. 1
5. New! Alberta Licensing Level One Online Tutorial with 650 practice exam questions (updated for 2017) and additional reference links.

The study kit introduces you to the essential skills required by insurance brokers and agents, including insurance business, insurance intermediaries, the insurance company, basic documents, insurance practices and automobile insurance, with supporting and supplemental materials that outline the Alberta perspective. It also covers, at an introductory level, law and insurance, insurance contracts, insurance organizations, fire insurance, the Homeowners policy, personal lines policies, liability insurance, commercial insurance coverage, reinsurance, risk management and loss prevention.

The Alberta General Level One Licensing Study Kit is $350.00 plus shipping and GST/HST.

To register to write the provincial General Level One licensing exam, please contact the Alberta Insurance Council to schedule an appointment.

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If you prefer to learn in a traditional classroom environment, this format is perfect for you. Our course materials are incorporated into a live, in-class environment for those who want to meet their peers, network and learn. In-class instruction allows students to share ideas, gain insights and broaden their skills and knowledge in a classroom setting.

This course closely follows the curriculum design document put forward by the Alberta Insurance Council for the Level 1 exam and is designed to be an important step in obtaining your Level 1 license. You will  be provided with a variety of learning opportunities including discussions and quizzes using multiple choice questions similar to what you will experience in the exam. Because of the condensed nature of this course additional study outside of the classroom is recommended for the best opportunity for success.

Recognition by the Insurance Institute of Canada: Once you have your licence, you will be eligible to apply to the Insurance Institute to receive credit for C11: Principles and Practice of Insurance. C11 will give you one credit towards completion of your Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) program.

How to register:  Scheduled courses will be listed at the bottom of this page - please scroll down. If there are none currently scheduled, please contact us to express your interest.

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Virtual class

If you prefer a structured, live classroom environment but need to be able to do it from the location of your choice, this format is for you. Virtual classes are taught live by an experienced licensing instructor. They include instruction with PowerPoint presentations, interactive learning activities, discussions on emerging trends within the insurance industry, online quizzes and assignments, and a course review session. 

Our four-week, virtual class course has been developed to help insurance professionals excel in the Alberta General Level 1 licensing examination for brokers and agents by providing the knowledge and techniques required to challenge the NEW exam (the AIC has changed their exam as of January 2016). The graduated learning structure will provide a learning model that encourages comprehension and retention and creates the optimum environment for success. The curriculum for the course was selected to align closely with the Alberta Insurance Council's (AIC) Curriculum Design Document (CDD) for General Insurance Brokers and Agents.

You'll have all the tools you need to prepare you to pass the exam.

Virtual class delivery & Resources

Taught as a live internet-based virtual class by experienced licensing instructor, Stacey Lunt, this comprehensive instructor-led course will be live streamed over the internet. It includes instruction with PowerPoint presentations, interactive learning activities, discussions on emerging trends within the insurance industry, online quizzes and assignments, and a course review session. For added convenience, the live sessions are also recorded and available for a three week period after the original air date.

For this delivery method, students will need access to a computer, an internet connection, and speakers (earbuds). A headset with a microphone is preferred. Please call for more details.

The General Level 1 Licensing Study Kit textbook materials includes one licensing manual, Alberta Auto Supplement, Property and auto wordings plus an online tutorial that contains practice exam questions, a discussion forum, and additional reference and study links. If you have recently purchased the Level 1 study kit, please call or email our office before registering for this course as you may be eligible for a discount.

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