C11: Principles and Practice of Insurance - Winter 2024 (Distance Learning)

Please note: This distance learning / independent study course uses a new format and a different grade structure compared to other distance learning / independent study courses.

NEW! Your Online Independent Study Course

This course has an online, self-paced component provided on our e-learning platform. Your online course includes

  • Mandatory midterm exam and tests that count towards your course mark (see Your Course Grade, below) 
  • Important information about the final exam
  • Summaries, self-paced learning activities, and practice questions with feedback
  • An electronic, searchable version of the textbook

You can work through the materials independently on your own time, as long as you complete the midterm and tests by the deadline shown.

Please note that there is no instructor or tutor for this independent study course. If you prefer to have access to an instructor, please register for a classroom or virtual classroom course instead.

NEW! Your Course Grade and Assessments

Your final grade for this Independent Study course will be calculated as follows:

Course mark/100 + Final exam mark/200 = Final course grade/300

Your course mark, in turn, will break down as follows:

Midterm exam mark/60 + (2 tests @ 20 marks each)/40 = Course mark/100

You must achieve a minimum mark of 55% on the final examination and a minimum combined course mark and final exam mark of 180 to pass the course.

Everything you need for your course mark is available within your self-paced online course, along with further instructions. The midterm and the two tests consist entirely of multiple-choice questions, and results are provided upon completion. These assessments are closed-book and unproctored.

Separate deadlines and procedures apply to the final exam. Please see below.

Please note that optional test papers are not provided for this course.

The midterm exam, the two online tests, and the separate final exam are all mandatory.

Important Dates to Remember

Course start date: January 1, 2024 (watch for an email confirming that your course is ready)

Withdrawal deadline: January 31, 2024 (Subject to a $50 fee)

Deadline to complete course tests and midterm exam: March 25, 2024

Final Exam Period: April 2 to 15, 2024

Final examinations are offered in a Virtually Proctored Computer Based Format or In-person exam format. The In-person exam format will be available for select exams at a limited number of locations and dates/times.Click here to view if your exam is eligible for the in-person format.

Please carefully review all information on our Examinations webpage before your examination. You will receive an exam booking e-mail with next steps once you register in the course.


You must use the 2023 edition of the textbook for this course.Textbooks are mailed to the shipping address indicated in your order within 5-10 business days, tracking link will be emailed once shipped. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

You may also experience additional delays with your delivery carrier. An electronic version of your textbook will be available in our learning management system within 3-5 business days of your registration.

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