The Keys to High Powered Staff Meetings - Webinar (NL)


Insurance Institute of NL, NL [Map]
Date and Time: September 29, 2021 1:30 - 4 p.m. NL

Meetings are plentiful in the Insurance Industry, and they are critical to our success. But many professionals name the meetings they attend as a major time-waster. This indicates meetings that are improperly run.

In this session we look at the critical role meetings play and the value that well-run meetings provide to our over-all success. You will also learn how to lead meetings that energize, engage and mobilize staff. 

During this webinar you'll learn:

- The role of meetings in a healthy business
- Planning meetings for critical results
- Leading meetings for critical results
- Keeping staff engaged and involved in the meeting
- Managing various personalities in a highly effective meeting
- Following through on meetings for results
- How to lead high performance virtual meeting.

Meetings are vitally important – if done well. Meetings and individual one-on-one conversations are fuel that runs our companies!

Stephen Franklin
Stephen P. Franklin Training

Mr. Franklin has over 27 years experience and he goes that extra mile to ensure that each participant has the resources they need to succeed. He is also known to includes extensive personal coaching; helping clients develop personal motivation for professional skills development, facilitating them through the necessary behaviour changes. His training approach includes a strong focus on the practical rather than theoretical.

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