Understanding the Various Personalities in the Workplace


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Date and Time: March 25, 2021 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 Atlantic time

Understanding the Various Personalities in the Workplace 

Would you like to understand yourself better, why you act and react the way you do in various situations, what your strengths are and what are the areas you should work on?

Do you find it difficult to interact with, to work with or supervise certain personality types?

Would you like to understand various personality types and how to approach them better?

Discover your strengths and areas to work on to increase your career success.

Gain personal and inter-personal insights into people that will give you a real advantage in every interaction.

Learn how to interact better with people you currently find difficult.

What is Understanding Personalities?

 First of all, Understanding Personalities is a Personality Assessment, providing valuable and accurate insight into ourselves and into those around us.  This session starts with the assessment (the Stephen P. Franklin Personality Assessment) and each participant identifying their unique Personality Profile.

 But it is much more than that.

 The greatest value of Understanding Personalities is the application.  We apply the results of the assessment in 4 key areas; helping each participant identify their Communication Style, their Team Aptitude, their Management Style and their workplace needs.

 And each participant will identify their personality-based strengths as well as their weaknesses.  They will leave the session aware of how to leverage their strengths in each and every interaction; and they will leave with a clear understanding of how they can become a better communicator, a better team member and/or a better manager/supervisor.

 And through the assessment and application we learn to understand others.  It is clear that there are different types of people, in terms of personality.  And so not only will we come to understand why we act and react the way we do; but we will understand why those who act and react differently do so.  Not only will we come to understand our Communication Style, our Team Aptitude and our Management Style; but we will learn to recognize other’s styles and aptitudes; and how to relate and interact to each personality type effectively.

In this session we also identify the potential conflict points that can occur between the various personality types and how to minimize that conflict.

Learn about the four Personality Types, the strengths and weaknesses of each type, and their natural communication and management styles… and identify your own Personality Profile.

Gain an understanding of all the Personality Types and get valuable insights for working with people who are different than we are.

Why you should attend Understanding Personalities…

 Sometimes people can be a mystery.  We don’t understand why they act and react the way they do.  When this occurs we often don’t know how to interact or how to communicate effectively to get what we need from them or to work with them.

 Sometimes we may not even understand ourselves; why we act or react the way we do.

 Understanding ourselves and understanding others gives us a clear advantage in each and every interaction.

 Understanding Personalities is the foundation to becoming a better communicator.  We learn how to maximize our strengths and how to adapt our style to accommodate differing communication styles; allowing us to get more results when we communicate; such as greater levels of cooperation, commitment or compliance.  We learn how to communicate with those who have different communication styles to ours without creating conflict.

"99% of career success hinges on our ability to communicate well, foster mutually beneficial relationships at work, and earn the respect and loyalty of bosses, co-workers, customers and clients."  (Beverley Flaxington, CPBA)  Understanding ourselves and those around us gives us greater tools for success.

Understanding Personalities is a must-attend session because understanding people (ourselves or others) is key to success in every interaction, both professional and personal.

The Assessment

This Personality Assessment has been designed by Stephen P. Franklin.  For years I used the DISC Assessment in Personality sessions and for coaching and team building.  But through the use of this assessment, I realized that there were several conclusions and personality characteristics that did not match the realities I encountered in the workplace.  So I designed this assessment to correct those inaccuracies and I have used my assessment with teams across Canada for 2 decades.  My Assessment focuses on 4 Personality Types, the Dominant, the Relational, the Planner and the Accommodator.

The Approach

 Rather than having the participant fill our a lengthy questionnaire, where they do not have the ability to ask for clarification on any questions they don’t fully understand, my Personality Assessment is highly inter-active where I "walk" the group in detail through each Personality Type, describing the characteristics and identifiers for each.  As we describe each Personality Type in detail, the participant is then given the opportunity to go through a list of characteristics where they check off the ones that describe them, and where they have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have as they determine which characteristics and identifiers apply to them.  This approach ensures a much more accurate outcome in terms of identifying their Personality Profile.

This is a webinar not-to-be-missed!

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