"ADORABLE Chocolat" Tasting Event (NL)

Live via Zoom

Insurance Institute NL, NL [Map]
Date and Time: November 09, 2021 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. NL

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We are excited to present our "Adorable Chocolat" Tasting Event! Join us for an evening filled with prizes to win, special guests, and of course, CHOCOLATE!

Like a wine sommelier, you will learn the following attributes of different types of chocolate:  

     > How does the chocolate look?
Does it have blemishes? White spots? Is it shiny or matte? What color does it have?

     > How does the chocolate feel?
Is it rough? Smooth?

     > What does the chocolate sound like when you bite into it?
Is it a nice sharp sound or does the chocolate melt rather than snap?

     > How does the chocolate smell?
Chocolate can have up to 400 different aromas. Which ones can you detect?

ADORABLE Chocolat of Shédiac, NB opened in 2010. They take pride in serving delicious, home-made delicacies to people from all over the Atlantic provinces. Their chocolatier, Frédéric Desclos, learned to make chocolate the traditional way in France where he grew up. Adorable Chocolat is geared toward helping healthy-conscious people enjoy more chocolate. They use simple, natural ingredients in their chocolate as well as choices for food preferences and restrictions. Their chocolate does not contain GMOs, hydrogenated oils, corn syrup, or artificial ingredients.

Prior to the event a package will be delivered directly to your home. It will contain:

     > A box of SIX chocolates personally chosen by chocolatier Frédéric Desclos
     > A specialty package
     > We'll also add a bit of Christmas; be ready to receive a box filled with surprises

Sponsorship opportunities are available - contact Leona Fleming at lfleming@ insuranceinstitute.ca

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