Auto Fraud & Special Investigations Unit Webinar (BC)


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Date and Time: October 18, 2023 9:00am - 11:15am PST


From exaggerating claims, declaring false information, to staging accidents, auto insurance fraud increases costs for all drivers. The work of a special investigation unit (SIU) helps to combat such fraudulent and costly claims, which has led to the ICBC SIU team developing and launching fraud analytic tools for detection and enforcement activities. Common types of auto fraud will be discussed while reviewing case examples.

Webinar Objectives

Provide an overview of the ICBC SIU & its authority  
• Identify the SIU's role in combatting fraud 
• Examine common types of auto insurance fraud
• Review "Spot the Fraud" examples from investigations

Webinar Presenter

Roger Manhao,  Special Provincial Constable  - ICBC 
Roger Joined ICBC in 1990 in the Claims Department, and moved into a claims investigative role in 1995 with the formation of the SIU Bodily Injury Investigative teams. He moved into Claims Management in 1997 and was a Claim Centre Manager before leaving ICBC in 2007. Roger has owned and operated a successful business for 10 years before returning to ICBC and SIU in 2017.

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