Petroleum Industry Overview Part 3: Downstream - Pipelines & Processing Webinar (BC)

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Date and Time: October 19, 2023 8:00am - 11:15am PST

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Petroleum industry activity has picked up considerably over the last three years, in part due to the increased price of crude oil. In 2023, 6,400 plus wells are expected to be drilled in Canada. Coupled with drilling for the development of Alternative Energy Sources, the petroleum industry continues to be a driving factor in our economy.

As various carriers focus on specific sectors of the petroleum industry our usual 2 day course has been divided into three separate three hour webinars, allowing participants to focus on the area applicable to their business activity. Attend one or all three!  

Webinar Objectives

Delivered by George Sutherland to cover technical aspects of the petroleum industry including:
 Workover operations
• Unconventional oil & gas    
• Pipeline systems 
• Oil & gas processing

Delivered by Arnie Zipple  to cover insurance specific information including: 
• Oil & gas automobile concepts
• Transportation of dangerous goods
• Property coverages
• Underwriting of wellsite operational exposures   

Webinar Presenters

George Sutherland 
George has over thirty years of experience in all facets of petroleum technology, project management, needs assessments and training, having worked extensively in Asia, South America, Africa and Canada. As head of the Petroleum Technology Department at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology for eight years, he successfully managed a program with 500 full and part-time students per year. During the last thirty years he has conducted numerous workshops internationally and in Canada on all aspects of petroleum technology for participants from over 70 countries. He has designed petroleum engineering curriculums for schools in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Saskatchewan and carried out Petroleum Engineering Needs Assessments for Universities and Governments in Bangladesh, Bolivia, China, Colombia, Iraq,Nigeria and Pakistan.

Arnie Zippel, B.Comm, CIP     
Arnie has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years. The insurance business has provided a variety of learning opportunities for him, from underwriting to managing, marketing, and product development. Recently retired, Arnie has worked with Intact Insurance, and prior as Branch Manager at Travelers Canada and as Manager of Market Segmentation at AXA Pacific Insurance, Arnie lead the underwriting team's training and development in specialized classes of commercial business, including oil & gas, manufacturing, wholesale distribution, public sector and other significant Western Canadian industries and institutions 

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This session is Part 3 of a 3-part series - see links for details on Part 1 and 2:

   Part 1: Upstream Exploration & Drilling - October 5

   Part 2: Midstream - Production & Enhanced Recovery - October 10

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