Fidelity Bond Insurance & Claims - Webinar (PT)


Insurance Institute of BC, BC [Map]
Date and Time: November 25, 2020 1:00pm - 3:00pm PT


Employee fraud or theft can be complex whether it's financial loss or compromised corporate information. Theft by employees is never an easy claim. Corruption between parties often results in difficulty in the formulation of the claim.


  • Understand the types of fraud that would lead to a fidelity bond claim
  • Discuss the vagaries of fidelity claims
  • Review current cases


    Dave OswaldCPA (CA), CFE, CFI, Director - Forensic Restitution
    Dave is a chartered accountant with a passion for identifying and resolving fraud. He has an impressive combination of forensic technology expertise, investigative skills, experience and business knowledge. Dave has been working in the forensic field since 1999 and has helped to uncover and prepare claims for a number of major companies. His specialities include computer forensics, litigation support and data analysis.

    Simon Paul PadgettCPA, CGA, FCCA (UK), CFE, MBA, Forensic Accountant & Investigator - Forensic Restitution
    Simon has over 25 years of experience in forensic accounting, fraud and corruption investigations, anti-fraud programs and anti-money laundering.  He has held positions of Head of Internal Audit, in Risk Managemet and in Corporate Governance.  In the many years of running Forensicintegrity, his forensic accounting and investigations practice, Simon has assisted his clients who have been victims of fraud or financial mismanagement.  Simon offers extensive international forensic and investigative experiences and believes that the possibilities for business development and future ventures are endless, limited only by the ability to control fraud and corruption, to recognize opportunities, to understand risks and to take some chances!

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