Seminar Program

The Insurance Institute of British Columbia offers numerous educational and professional development seminars and training sessions to meet the needs of insurance professionals.  Delivered in a variety of formats and in various locations. Most of our seminars provide CE credits for the broker and adjuster licences.  Bookmark this page and visit often to keep informed of upcoming opportunities.  We welcome you contact us if you have a topic to suggest.

  • Wrongful Acts & Loss: E&O and D&O Insurance
    CLASSROOM | BUILDING | TECHNICAL Liability insurance for professionals (E&O), and directors and officers (D&O) is structured and operates differently from typical general liability insurance. This seminar will explore legal issues affecting both underwriting and claims, including the border between CGL and E&O coverages in the construction context; key drivers for E&O and D&O claims; control of the defence and allocation of defence costs; and a review of recent cases of note. ...

  • Structural Failures Liability: Force of Nature or Man-Caused?
    CLASSROOM | BUILDING | TECHNICAL Structures come in various shapes, conditions, frames and build. The materials used to build the structure and the elements that work together can impact the structure's strength and ability to resist various loads. With aging infrastructure and new residential construction , the demand for the insurance industry to provide adequate protection is continuously increasing. It's important to understand the causes and origin of structural failures to properly assess ...

  • Earthquake Damage & Recovery: What to Expect From the Unexpected
    CLASSROOM | ENHANCING | TECHNICAL A major earthquake in Canada can cause an economic ripple effect through the Canadian insurance and financial economy. Overall insured losses will be impacted by proper loss assessment on structural damages which is largely dependent on the type and location of the earthquake. The coordination of municipality response plans and recovery through earthquake insurance play a significant part in helping Canadians get back on their feet. From the epicentre to the seq ...

  • Symposium BC: Resilience
    Visit the official SymposiumBC page for registration and full details.