BC General Insurance Licensing Education


This licensing program offers the education required by the Insurance Council of BC to obtain either a Level 1 Salesperson Licence, selling Autoplan and Homeowner policies; or a Level 1 Adjuster Licence, processing claims. It uses topics from the Insurance Institute’s General Insurance Essentials (GIE) course, but with a single exam for licensing purposes. 

Learning options:

• Home Study - Available All Year
In-Class College Partners - Spring 2018 - Douglas College, Langara College, VIU
Virtual Live On-Line - Next course January 2019
Fast Track 6 Day Immersion - Starts July 25, 2018 | Registration Open

Licensing Exams:

Exam sessions are held most Mondays from 9:30am to 11:30am at the Insurance Institute office.

To schedule your level 1 licensing exam or rewrite, click here
    ~ Please indicate which Monday morning you want to write for lower mainland students.  
    ~ For out-of-town students, please indicate several dates during the business week and times, as well as city you wish to take exam. 
         ~ Please allow two weeks notice for out-of-town exams.       

How do we help you get ready for licensing?

Watch our short video to find out.

Education Pathways:

Broker/Agent Level 1
Broker/Agent Level 2
Broker/Agent Level 3
Independent Adjuster Level 1
Independent Adjuster Level 2
Independent Adjuster Level 3

Why Insurance?

This sector needs talented and experienced people in virtually every discipline and every skill set.  Property & casualty insurance offers career longevity, above average job security, and career advancement opportunities. The Career Connections website is your gateway to careers in the property & casualty insurance industry, and includes:    

• A quiz to find your place in the insurance industry
• General Salary range information for each career
• Career videos and occupation profiles for the different career paths
• Career job postings

You may be surprised to find that insurance isn’t what you think. It’s a whole lot more.