About the Council

The Council is responsible for furthering our mission of advancing the insurance profession in British Columbia through education, professional development and personal growth. All council members generously give their time, expertise, skills and knowledge. These volunteers are indispensable to our governance as their contributions directly impact the success of all of the activities, events and seminars we organize. The Executive Committee is elected for a one-year mandate, renewable for two years. Only members in good standing can be appointed to the Council.

If you would like to make a difference and give back to the insurance industry, contact the Institute for more information on the Council and other volunteer opportunities:  IIBCmail@insuranceinstitute.ca

Council Members


Sharon Craver, BAA, MBA, CIP, CRM
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

1st Vice President – Academic Division
Kerry McLaughlin, CIP, CRM, ACS
Western Financial Group

2nd Vice President – Professional Division
Kelly Krakonchuk, CIP

Sarah Tung, BCom, FCIP,CRM

Past President
Manjit Biring, MBA, FCIP
HUB International Insurance Brokers

IIBC Council Chairs

Marketing and Communications
Debra Copeland, BA, FCIP
Intact Insurance Company

Angela McIldoon, BA, FCIP, CPHR
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

Lianne Crawford, CTDP, CIP, CAIB
HUB International Insurance Brokers

Vicki Rowan, FCIP, CRM
Intact Insurance Company

Carol Ann Slack, CIP
Economical Insurance

Vancouver Island Chapter Council

Melissa Stedman, FCIP, CRM
Aon Reed Stenhouse 

Past President
Dale Rogoza, CIP, CRM

Secretary Treasurer
Malika Mosseddaq, B Actuarial Sc, FCIP, CRM
Intact Insurance Company

Education Chair
Heather Anderson, CIP, CAIB
Megson FitzPatrick Insurance Services

Seminars Chair
Wayne Coates, BA, CIP
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

Events Chair
Janine Marchi, BSc, LLB, CIP
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

Learn more about the Council and other volunteer opportunities by contacting the Institute Manager:

Danielle Bolduc, BComm, CIP
1110-800 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2V6
(t) 604-681-5491  (e) IIBCmail@insuranceinstitute.ca