Time Management - Webinar (MDT)


Calgary, AB [Map]
Date and Time: September 16, 2020 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. MDT


Maximize results - Enhance Productivity and Performance - Improve workflow and reduce stress

Time Management is a method of applying more efficient practices in regards to how we manage our work, particularly through the most effective use of our time. This is accomplished through skills and techniques applied in combination with the appropriate tools. Through Time Management training, we learn how to be more organized; we learn how to prioritize our work in order to get more of the important things done; we learn how to manage interruptions and all the new priorities that come up all day, including managing emails effectively; we learn how to identify our time wasters and our productivity issues and develop strategies to overcome them; we learn how to file critical documents and emails so that we can find them again easily; and we learn how to get the most out of our Time Management and Personal Productivity tools I have 27 years of experience delivering Time Management training, consulting and coaching; helping people find real solutions to their productivity issues.

 Time Management Learning Points:

- Identifying our Time wasters and the challenges to our daily productivity.
- Understanding Productivity in today’s workplace.
- How to establish priorities and focus on them.
- How to create a realistic daily plan.
- How to manage the new tasks that arise all day.
- Streamlining how we deal with emails.
- How to avoid the major time waster of looking for our stuff.

Outlook Learning Points:

    - Setting up Outlook to be more productivity and priority oriented.
    - How to avoid being constantly interrupted by the In-box.
    - Utilizing the Calendar.
    - Managing Tasks in Outlook.
    - Delegating with Outlook.

    Managing large tasks (small projects) with Outlook.
    - Working from a clean In-box.
    - Understanding the 2 reasons we need to keep an email and how to delete the rest.
    - Learning how to properly store critical email information so we can safely delete.
    - Learning how to utilize Contacts to track communications and documentation.

    Presenter: Stephen P. Franklin


    Registration:    9:45 a.m. MDT
    Presentation:   10:00 - Noon MDT

    CE Credits:  AIC Course ID # 53812, 2 CE Hour All Classes

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