Independent Adjuster Level 2 and 3 Licensing

Alberta Independent Adjuster Level 2 or Level 3 Licensing 

The Province of Alberta requires that Level 2 and Level 3 Independent Adjusters complete Insurance Institute CIP (Chartered Insurance Professional) courses to receive their license:

Level 2:  Following receiving a Level 1 license, an individual can apply for a Level 2 license when the individual:
•has at least 24 months of consecutive claims adjusting experience
•has successfully completed 6 courses from the Insurance Institute of Canada's CIP Program one of which must be C-15 (Loss Adjustment and Claims Settlements), C-17 (Claims 1), or C-110 (Essentials of Loss Adjusting).

Level 3:  An individual can apply for a Level 3 license when the individual has successfully met the Level 2 license requirements and:
•has completed the Insurance Institute of Canada's 10-course CIP Program
•has successfully completed the C-32 (Bodily Injury Claims) and either C-46 (Claims 2), C-41 (Property Loss Adjustment), or C-111 (Advanced Loss Adjusting) 
•has acted as an adjuster for at least 60 months within the 10-year period immediately preceding the date of application

For more information about the CIP program, contact the Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta or take a look at local course offerings or Independent Study learning opportunities.