Independent Adjuster Level 1 Licensing

If you are looking to become a licensed Independent Adjuster in Alberta, the following licensing education options are available to you.

Alberta Independent Adjuster Level 1 Licensing Study Kit

The Independent Adjuster Level 1 Licensing Study Kit is a self-paced study offering that will assist you in preparing for the provincial Independent Adjuster Level 1 licensing exam administered by the Alberta Insurance Council

The study kit introduces you to the insurance business, insurance intermediaries, the insurance company, basic documents, insurance practices and automobile insurance, with supporting and supplemental materials that outline the Alberta perspective. It also covers, at an introductory level, law and insurance, insurance contracts, insurance organisations, fire insurance, the Homeowners policy, personal lines policies, liability insurance, commercial insurance coverage, reinsurance, risk management and loss prevention.

The Alberta General Level 1 Licensing Study Kit includes the following:

•C81: General Insurance Essentials - Part 1 & Online Tutorial
•C82: General Insurance Essentials - Part 2 & Online Tutorial
•Alberta Automobile Insurance Supplement
•Habitational Insurance Policy Wordings
•SPF 1—Alberta Automobile Policy Wording
•Accident & Sickness and Travel Health Insurance Supplement

To register to write the provincial Independent Adjuster Level 1 licensing exam please contact the Alberta Insurance Council to schedule an appointment.

Recognition by the Insurance Institute of Canada: Once you have successfully completed the Adjuster Level 1 provincial licensing exam you will be eligible to apply to the Insurance Institute to receive credit for C11: Principles and Practice of Insurance. C11 will give you one credit towards completion of your Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) program. The cost for this credit is $94.00 (plus GST).

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Independent Adjuster Level 1 Licensing Self Study Kit - Alberta

Adjuster Level I Licensing Kit Course Overview We have developed this self-study course to provide students with information that will assist them in preparing for the Adjuster's Level 1 Licensing Examination in the Province of Alberta. The curriculum for the course was selected to align closely with the Alberta Insurance Council’s (AIC) Curriculum Design Document (CDD) for Adjusters. This kit contains three textbooks, two supplements; and online tutorials. Students are responsible for ensuring Ellipsis


ProductSubproductsName ProductPricingPrice
IISA Independent Adjuster Level 1 Licensing Study Kit $350.00
IISA C81 Textbook for General L1 and Adjuster L1 Study Kits
IISA C82 Textbook for General L1 and Adjuster L1 Study Kits
C81 Online Tutorial (2020)
C82 Online Tutorial (2020)
Alberta Auto Insurance Supplement Book
IISA Standard Automobile Policy SPF 1
IISA Comprehensive Homeowner,Tenant, Condo Policy
IISA Licensing Shipping & Handling $26.00
IISA Local Institute Fee $90.00

PriceTotal $466.00