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New CIP Licensing Equivalencies

It is now even easier for Brokers/Agents to maintain their licensing qualifications. The IIC has worked with the General Insurance Council (GIC) to make available CIP equivalency exams that can be taken in an online, virtually-proctored format.

Option 1:

CIP courses: C11 (or credit granted) andC130. Must provide proof that the last exam was passed within 12 months of the submission of an application for licensing to the Alberta Insurance Council (AIC).

Option 2:  

Full CIP designation with proof that the last exam was passed within 12 months of the submission of an application for licensing to the AIC

Option 1:  

CIP courses: C11 (or credit granted), C130, and C131. Must provide proof that the last exam was passed within 12 months of the submission of an application for licensing to the AIC. (C132 can be used in place of C130 until July 1, 2021)

Option 2:  

Full CIP designation with proof that the last exam was passed within 12 months of the submission of an application for licensing to the AIC.

Option 1:  

CIP courses:C11 (or credit granted), C130, C131 and C132. Must provide proof that the last exam was passed within 12 months of the submission of an application for licensing to the AIC.

Option 2:  

Proof of having the full CIP designation.

Alberta General Licensing CIP Equivalency

Exam availability:

March 15, 2021
May 24, 2021
June 18, 2021

Classes are live and virtual. The recordings will be made available after each session for further review. CE hours are available with each course.

C130 - Essentials Skills for the Broker & Agent

Class Dates:    Sundays - April 18, 25, May 2 & 9, 2021
Class Time:    12 - 5 p.m. MDT
Final Exam:    May 25, 2021
Registration Deadline:    April 12, 2021
Download the C130 quote HERE

C131 - Advanced Skills for the Insurance Broker/Agent

Class Dates:    May 26, 31, June 2, 3, 7, 9 & 10, 2021
Class Time:    6 - 9 p.m. MDT
Final Exam:    June 18, 2021
Registration Deadline:    May 19, 2021
Download the C131 quote HERE

• These classes are condensed and would require a high level of time commitment.
• These courses are to accommodate Brokers/Agents who already hold a General Level 1 License and need to obtain their Alberta General Level 2.
• For further info, please attend our free webinar on Feb 5th: Choose your licensing education path

If the candidate is already holding a level 1 license outside of CIP equivalency, would he/she be eligible for the C11 credit transfer for the level 2?

Yes, there is no requirement to complete the C11 exam for the level 2 if you’re already holding a level 1 license. Successful completion of C130 & C131 are required to be qualified for the level 2. The Insurance Institute of Canada provides a C11 credit to level 1 license holders. You need to apply to IIC in order to receive the credit.

Is C11 acceptable as a credit obtained from other programs such as GIE or does a candidate need to complete the C11 exam?

Yes. The approved course equivalency would accept the C11 credit transfer from the GIE program

Regarding the General Level 1 License, do the other requirements still apply as far as timelines? For example, if you have a CIP designation and want to apply for a level 2, do you still need to apply for the level 1 at the same time?

To be eligible for a General level 2 certificate, the Regulation requires the individual to have qualified for the General Level 1 certificate within the previous 12 months if they do not hold a General level 1 certificate. If the individual provides proof of successful completion of C11, C130 and C131 or Full CIP Designation and proof that the last exam was passed within the previous 12 months, they will be eligible to apply for a General level 2 certificate without having first held a General level 1 certificate.

For graduates who received their CIP designation more than 12 months ago, could they pass a “random” CIP course to qualify for level 1 or 2?

Yes, if you’re holding CIP, ACIP or FCIP, you can pass an Elective CIP course that’s not completed previously and be eligible to apply within 12 months of its completion.

What if you have already completed the CIP course requirements over 12 months ago. Is there any way to be qualified? Yes, you can take a CIP elective course and apply within 12 months of the exam completion.

Would ACIP (Advanced CIP) and FCIP designations be qualified as well?

Yes, given that the CIP designation is a prerequisite, both ACIP and FCIP designations are acceptable. In addition, working towards ACIP and FCIP would make the candidates eligible. In all cases, for the General Level 1 and 2 certificates, the last exam must have been passed within the previous 12 months.

If someone has the completed their designation(s) for their CIP and FCIP under the previous program ie AIIC and FIIC, would they still be considered as an equivalency for the Level 3 license?

Yes. The Regulation states that a reference to an Associate or Fellow of the Insurance Institute of Canada includes a Chartered Insurance Professional or a Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional.

Are there benefits to taking the CIP Course Equivalencies instead of the Alberta Licensing Exam?

While the pandemic is ongoing and examinations are virtual, yes. The CIP course equivalencies have the following advantages:
• Higher pass rates
• A range of learning opportunities
• The ability to take advantage pf our virtual proctoring solution which offers flexible scheduling and online exams at your computer
• An accelerated final exam on March 15th (applicable to the C130 course that’s starting on Feb 15th in Alberta)


Visit our CIP course page for local class offerings. To apply for your license through equivalencies visit the Alberta Insurance Council website.

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