C47: Reinsurance

Please note that the final examination for this course is a computer-based exam.

Reinsurance is the insurance of insurers. In this Reinsurance course, you are introduced to its principles and applications. You study the main types of reinsurance and their contribution to and importance in maintaining a stable insurance industry. Please be aware that Reinsurance is a difficult course if you lack a strong basic understanding of property, liability and automobile insurance.

Course Note: Unless you have professional experience in these areas, we strongly advise that you have taken the following courses before you take C47 :C12: Insurance on Property, C13: Insurance Against Liability—Part 1, and C14: Automobile Insurance—Part 1.

Course Outline

  • An Introduction to Reinsurance
  • Methods and Types of Reinsurance
  • The Treaty Document
  • Proportional Treaty Agreements
  • Excess of Loss Treaty Agreements
  • The Cost of Reinsurance
  • Reinsurance Programs
  • Managing for Reinsurance

Who Should Register

 All insurance courses offered by The Insurance Institute are designed for individuals who want to attain a highly recognized and respected professional designation in the p&c industry. The professional designation Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) is recognized across Canada and elsewhere around the world as the benchmark of insurance professionalism.

Reinsurance is for industry professionals, including brokers and agents, underwriters and adjusters, who want a comprehensive p&c education and the skills and knowledge required to advance their careers.

Course Offerings

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C47: Reinsurance/C47 : La réassurance 1/1/2024 3/31/2024 Independent Study
C47: Reinsurance/C47 : La réassurance 4/1/2024 6/30/2024 Independent Study