About the IISA Governing Council

The volunteer Governing Council of the Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta is responsible for furthering the Institute's mission of advancing the careers of insurance professionals through education, professional development, and personal growth. All Council members generously give their time, expertise, skills, and knowledge. These volunteers are indispensable to our governance as their contributions directly impact the success of all of the activities, events, and seminars we organize. The Executive Committee is elected for a two-year mandate and other Committee roles for a one-year mandate. Only members in good standing can be elected to the Council.

The IISA Council also encourages the involvement of other interested individuals in a non-elected capacity. Called "Committee Invitees", these individuals also volunteer their time to assist with the various committee functions.

If you would like to make a difference and give back to the insurance industry, contact the Institute for more information on the Council and other volunteer opportunities: IISAmail@insuranceinstitute.ca

AGM 2018 - Elected Governing Council Members

Executive Committee

Randy Fulton, CIP, CLA - Longdown EIC Risk Consulting

Vice President – Academic Division
Christa Cole, CIP - The Co-operators 

Vice President – Professionals Division
Darius Delon, MBA, FCIP- Risk Management 101 

Anastasia (Stacey) Dubois, CIP, CRM - Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Co.

Past President
Nathalie Wright, RPT, CIP - The Co-operators 

Education Committee

Chair Tammy Lesnak, CIP, CRM - Toole Peet Insurance
Member Dawn Ladds, CIP 
Member Craig Johnson, FCIP, B.Ed, CRM - Sovereign General Insurance Co.
Member Brian Wiebe, CIP - Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Co.

Licensing Committee

Chair Anastasia (Stacey) Dubois, RPT, CIP - Sharp Insurance
Member Anthony Lim, FCIP - Peace Hills General Insurance Co. 
Member Lisa Hansen-Zacharuk, - Western Financial Group

Seminar (SEP & CIP) Committee 

Chair  Mark Petrowich, FCIP - Intact Insurance 
Member Keira McDonagh, BA - AON Reed Stenhouse
Member Lanny Hoang, CIP - Travelers Canada 
Member Ken De Decker, CIP, CRM - Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Co.

Special Events Committee

Member Janet Barriage, BA - Underwriting Solutions LP

Symposium Committee

Co-Chair Darius Delon, MBA, FCIP - Risk Management 101
Member Ken De Decker, CIP, CRM - Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Co. 


Lethbridge Champion
Robin Mills, CIP, CIOP - Alberta Motor Association Insurance Co.

Medicine Hat Champion

Red Deer Champion
Dave Latham, BA, FCIP - Central Alberta Adjusters

In addition to our elected Governing Council as detailed above, a number of additional industry professionals volunteer their time as Committee Invitees (non-elected and non-voting) to further the efforts of the Institute.  Below is a listing of Committee Invitees as at June 15, 2018. If you are interested in becoming a Committee Invitee, please let us know at any time!

Committee Invitees (non-elected and non-voting)

Alissa Stewart, CIP - Toole Peet Insurance
Brian Thompson, CIP
Dave Latham, BA, FCIP - Central Alberta Adjusters
Kym MacFarlane, - Intact Insurance Co.
Scott Dale, BA, CIP - Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.
Skip McHardy - CRU Group
Trina Kurtos, CIP - Alberta Motor Association Insurance Co.
Twyla Palmquist, CIP - TJ Valley Adjusters 
Sandra St.Jules, CIP - Lane Quinn Insurance 
George Cooper, CIP  - Insurance Learning Specialist 

Learn more about the Council and other volunteer opportunities by contacting the Institute:

Seti Mazaheri, BA, CIP  IISA Manager 
(t) 403-266-3427 (e) smazaheri@insuranceinstitute.ca