Bucket vs. Searchlight – a Scientific Approach to Investigating Exceptional & Suspicious Claims

Date and Time: August 02, 2023 10:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. MST

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As part of an overall strategy response for cost containment, insurance systems often apply some form of a procedural If/Then claim triage algorithm. These types of If/Then decision models are akin to what is known in systems theory as a Forward Chaining inference engine. These models can rely on the assumption of a stochastic environment. In probability theory, a purely stochastic system is one whose state is non-deterministic (or "random") so that the subsequent state of the system can be determined probabilistically.

In contrast, a deterministic state is one where the same inputs can yield different outcomes, and is the world where we often find ourselves when investigating exceptional (high-severity) and suspicious (potentially fraudulent) claims, the 'Black Swans' of the insurance world. Forward Chaining starts with the available data and moves forward using inference rules to extract more data or obtain more information until a goal is reached and can be metaphorically visualized as a Bucket. Complex investigations applying this type of rule system can lead to the ratio of false-positive or irrelevant data (noise) overwhelming useful information (signal), decision petrifaction, and seemingly costly and interminable investigations.

In response to the challenges presented by suspicious and exceptional claims, insurance systems can potentially consider the use of Backward Chaining methodology, which employs a Then/If strategy for knowledge discovery, by moving backward from a goal. This approach can also be is described as the Searchlight approach.

This webinar will be in-depth and delivered with technical terminology.

Webinar Objectives

Learn to apply deductive reasoning and Backward Chaining techniques to the investigation of exceptional [suspicious and high-severity] claims. 
• Explore real-world examples on the effectiveness of these techniques effectiveness at in detecting fraudulent claims.
• Understand the limitations of inductive and data-driven fraud detection tools.

Webinar Presenter

Bradley Nickerson , Senior Investigator - Xpera Risk Mitigation & Investigation 
 Brad Nickerson is an accomplished risk management and insurance professional with extensive experience managing cases through the litigation cycle, from inception to trial and post-disposition. For nearly three decades he has been leading investigations, analyzing forensic evidence for its probative value, and constructing systems and methodologies based on his insights.   His work has led to a number of landmark legal decisions in Canada, as well as to a several corporate level loss-control initiatives. Brad holds a BBA from Simon Fraser University, the Canadian Risk Manager designation (CRM), and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).     He has been actively involved in several community and professional organizations, including the Burnaby Youth Soccer Association, the Burnaby Lacrosse Association, the BC Soccer Development Program, and the BC Risk & Insurance Management Association (BCRIMA).   Extensive personality testing had identified Brad as a Sigma male (although he doesn’t trust psychologists), and his pronouns are he/him and gone surfing.

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