C39: Fraud Awareness and Prevention

This course is not available for registration at this time. Please see the Key Dates on the Program Courses page for further information.

Please note that the final examination for this course is a computer-based exam.

In Fraud Awareness and Prevention, you will learn how fraud may arise under insurance policies and initiatives the insurance industry has advanced to fight fraud. The cost of fraud is discussed, as are the laws that affect how insurers must handle claims investigations and settlements.

Fraud Awareness and Prevention is well suited to claims people. Property, liability and automobile claims are covered. Part of the textbook is dedicated to new business and renewals, which makes this course an asset to anyone in the industry. All insurance professionals can benefit from being well informed about insurance fraud.

Course Outline

• The cost of insurance fraud
• Some definitions, defences and the law
• New business and renewals
• Property, automobile and liability claims
• Organizations and initiatives against insurance fraud
• Ethics awareness

Who Should Register

All insurance courses offered by The Insurance Institute are designed for individuals who want to attain a highly recognized and respected professional designation in the p&c industry. The professional designation Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) is recognized across Canada and elsewhere around the world as the benchmark of insurance professionalism.

Fraud Awareness and Prevention is for industry professionals, including brokers and agents and underwriters but especially claims people, who want a comprehensive p&c education and the skills and knowledge required to advance their careers.