Understanding Property Claims Investigations

Investigate claims more effectively with increased positive outcomes.


How well a claim is investigated impacts the claimant, the adjuster and the insurer. A shallow investigation can lead to more time spent on the file and an unhappy client. Coverage analysis that is incomplete or doesn’t ask the critical questions will lead to increased leakage costs for the insurer—adding unnecessary effort and frustration to your job.

Understanding Property Claims Investigation is a one-day program where you’ll learn the best practice steps needed to lead a fulsome claims investigation and coverage analysis. A thorough investigation leads to a positive outcome for everyone involved: a more satisfied client, better financial results for the company, and more effective resolution of the file for the adjuster.

You will learn about the common errors and red flags that are missed and how the job of an adjuster connects to the bigger picture. This practical program is based on real-life and will give you tools, practice, and feedback that you can utilize in your job immediately—including the experience gained from working on several case studies with an industry expert, and best practice steps compiled by seasoned professionals as a useful job aide takeaway.

This program has been developed by the Insurance Institute of Ontario in partnership with the Ontario Insurance Adjusters' Association.

What you will learn:

At the end of the program, you’ll be able to:

•  Explain the impact of the claim investigation and coverage analysis on the insured, the insurer and the adjuster.
•  Use real life scenarios, policy wording and best practice steps to:
     •  Thoroughly investigate claims and avoid common pitfalls
     •  Determine the appropriate coverage to indemnify the insured

How you will benefit:

You’ll give your career the edge by handling your claims more effectively, keeping your clients happy, and minimizing leakage costs.

Who should attend:

This program is suited to junior to intermediate adjusters with a minimum of one year of experience in the role of an adjuster who wants to learn how to manage their property claims more efficiently.

Schedules and Registration

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