The 'Understanding' Series for Adjusters

This series is offered in Partnership with the Ontario Insurance Adjusters' Association.

The ‘Understanding’ Series for Adjusters provides deeper insights to improve the servicing of claimants—resulting in better-adjusted claims. Developed in collaboration with the Ontario Insurance Adjusters' Association (OIAA), this series of programs includes case studies and applied industry knowledge from subject matter experts. 

Thank you to our volunteers

This series would not be possible without the commitment and enthusiasm of our Subject Matter Experts. The following individuals have demonstrated a dedication to education, have devoted numerous volunteer hours, and have provided the experience and related knowledge to ensure the program met the identified professional development needs of the property and casualty insurance industry:

Serious Injury Case Law Property Claims Investigations Bodily Injury
Maria Beneventano Lee-Ann Vansteenkiste, B.A. (Hons), CIP Jennifer DeLorey, CIP, CRM, CFEI Tammie Norn, FCIP
Rebecca De Mello, RMT Tammie Norn, FCIP Jeff Edge, CIP, CFEI
Jean Faulkner, BA, CIP Teri Mitchell, FCIP, CRM, FCLA, FCIAA, FIFAA    Lee-Ann Vansteenkiste, B.A. (Hons), CIP  
Leanne B. Hardman, B.Sc. (Hons.), CIP  Maria Joshua, BA, FCIP, CRM    
Maria Joshua, BA, FCIP Marika Walker, B.P.H.E., LL.M.    
Andrea Kool, BA, CIP Matthew Dugas, BA, B.Sc., J.D.    
Gavin Mascarenhas, BA, CIP      
Gillian Moorecroft, MLIS, FCIP, CRM      
Tammie Norn, FCIP    
Phil Thorpe, B.Sc., FCIP, CSSC      
Ann Wilson, BA, CIP    

To meet the needs of today's p&c industry and advance your career, you must stay on top of industry best practices.


Our research tells us that adjuster positions are expected to rise in the coming years, and the need for highly trained, highly skilled adjusters will only increase. This gap is the reason why we created the 'Understanding' Series for Adjusters in partnership with the OIAA.

Who is the Understanding Series for?

The series has been designed specifically for adjusters but also with high applicability to other industry roles. It is intended for junior to intermediate claims professionals or those wishing to move into a claims role.

The Programs

• *NEW - Understanding Property Claims Investigation - one-day program, in-class
Utilize the best practice steps needed to lead a fulsome claims investigation and coverage analysis - resulting in better handled claims, minimized leakage costs, and more satisfied clients. Learn more about Understanding Property Claims Investigation.

• Understanding Case Law - two-day program, in-class
Acquire in-depth knowledge and skills to expertly source, interpret and apply case law to prepare a comprehensive file for negotiation, settlement and litigation. Learn more about Understanding Case Law.

• Understanding Bodily Injury - two-day program, in-class
More effectively manage bodily injury claims through an in-depth look at the main principles and concepts, including presenting the claim, investigating exposures and more. Learn more about Understanding Bodily Injury

• Understanding Serious Injury - five-day program, in-class
Better manage the recovery of injured claimants, and gain a broad perspective on accident benefits and bodily injury with a focus on the injured person. Learn more about Understanding Serious Injury.

If your desired course is not scheduled in your area, please contact your local manager to register your interest.

Training Benefits

The benefits to both claimants and the p&c industry are numerous:

• Improved reputation for the industry and organizations
• Better experience for consumers
• A higher quality of life for claimants
• Increased efficiency and effectiveness of justifying claims


See what some of the participants have said about our training:

“Course material was thorough and well-organized.”
“Technical experts are engaging by providing examples, group work and activities, and had us thinking outside the box.”
“I would recommend the program.” 
“The exercises were useful to apply content. They created a fun learning environment every week.”

Upcoming Schedule

Understanding Series Programs Upcoming Dates and Locations
New! Understanding Property
Claims Investigation

Understanding Bodily Injury
Understanding Serious Injury
Understanding Case Law Toronto - October 17 & 18

If your desired program is not scheduled in your location, please contact your local Chapter to register your interest.