CIP Licensing Equivalencies

Are you a broker or agent who's looking to take a CIP class for licensing purposes? Through our licensing equivalency program, you can now take courses and attempt exams outside of our three regular examination windows (which are generally April, July and December). 

The licensing equivalency exams take place on pre-set dates in the semester in an online, virtually proctored format. Keep reading to see if this program might be a good fit for you!

Who is eligible to take a CIP equivalency exam?

Brokers and agents looking to obtain their provincial broker or agent licence. 

What CIP courses are eligible to be taken through the CIP equivalency program?

You can take any CIP class that can be applied towards a provincial broker/agent licence (including provinces outside of Ontario).

Take a look at our guide for information on the licensing requirements across Canada.

How do I prepare for my CIP equivalency exam?

You can prepare for your CIP equivalency exam the same way you prepare for your normal CIP class: by taking a class or through independent study.

The following condensed and accelerated classes are open for registration. Please contact us at after registering if you wish to write the exam on one of the pre-set licensing equivalency dates (see below: "When can I write my exam?" Otherwise, you will automatically be placed in the regular examination period.

Independent study for eligible classes is open past the regular semester deadline so you can enroll any time.

When can I write my exam?

You can attempt your licensing equivalency exam virtually on any of the following dates:

August 11, 2021 (available exams: C130, C131)
September 9, 2021 (available exams: C130, C131)
October 6, 2021 (available exams: C130, C131, C12)
November 3, 2021 (available exams: C130, C131, C110)

How do I register for the equivalency exam?

For information on how to register for this program, please email us at

Do you offer CIP licensing equivalency training programs for groups?

In-house, virtual training is available. We would be happy to discuss your unique needs and scheduling. Please contact us at to learn more.

How does virtual proctoring work?

Visit our Virtually Proctored Exams page for vital information on how the exams are run, technical requirements and what to expect on the day.