RIBO Licensing Equivalencies

Licensed in another jurisdiction? Need to get licensed as a Broker in Ontario?

If you are currently licensed to sell insurance in another province or territory or are licensed as an agent in Ontario (OTL) you may be eligible to write equivalency exams to become an insurance broker in Ontario.

Eligibility for equivalency exams

For information on eligibility and how to register for equivalency exams, visit the RIBO website.

Which equivalency course do I need?

Depending on the licence you have currently you may need to be approved for and write more than one equivalency exam. The information below is provided as general guidance only. To confirm which exam(s) you need, please visit the RIBO website

Currently licensed in another province:         
✓ RIB Act/Regs Equivalency Exam
✓ Auto Equivalency Exam
Currently licensed as an OTL agent in Ontario:
✓ RIB Act/Regs Equivalency Exam

RIBO: Ontario Auto Equivalency

The Institute can help you prepare for the RIBO Ontario auto equivalency exam you need to pass to be registered as a broker in Ontario.

Our self-study kit includes the Ontario Automobile Insurance Licensing Supplement and a copy of the Ontario Automobile Owner’s Policy (OAP1). Study the textbook and policy at your own pace and register for the exam when you feel ready.

$80 plus HST

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RIBO: RIB Act & Regulations and By-Laws Equivalency

The Institute can help you prepare for the RIB Act & Regulations and By-Laws equivalency exam you need to pass to be registered as a broker in Ontario.

Recorded Lectures

Our recorded lectures give you the best chance of success on your exam. Recorded lectures are convenient, economical and save travel time—all you need is a connection to the internet!
- You will get 120-day unlimited access to recorded lectures that will help you prepare to pass your exam.
- Our seasoned instructor will help guide you on the RIB Act, Regulations, and By-laws in a way that is easy to understand.
- You will get quizzes and a practice test, to help you test your knowledge.

Required Materials

This virtual lecture references two materials supplied by RIBO: (1) the RIB Act, which can be downloaded from RIBO's Legislation page and (2) the Understanding RIBO brochure, which is supplied by RIBO here. For more information, please contact RIBO.

Cost of the recorded lectures:
$99 plus membership + HST

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