Registering for the OTL Exam


Before applying for your general insurance agent license in Ontario, you must successfully pass a qualifying exam known as the ‘Other Than Life (OTL) Agent’s Exam’. 

Passing the ‘Other Than Life’ (OTL) Agent’s Exam is just one of the requirements needed to receive the Agents License. Applicants must be sponsored by a licensed insurer, among other requirements. For more information on the requirements to become a general insurance agent in Ontario, please visit

Insurance agents who hold a general license from another Canadian province or territory can apply for the same license in Ontario without writing the full Other Than Life (OTL) Agent’s Exam. Out of province candidates will instead need to successfully pass the Ontario Agent Auto Equivalency Examination. More information on this exam is available below.

NEW! The Institute is now offering in-person licensing exams on select days at various Institute examination centres. You now have a choice - write your exam online using the virtually proctored serviceor come in to one of our exam centres.

Please note, the OTL Agent's exam now includes 110 Multiple-Choice Questions (including 10 unscored pilot questions). For more information about the pilot questions, please read the "What can I expect during the OTL Agent's exam?" and "I still have questions" tabs. 

Do I need to write the OTL Agent's Exam?

Am I eligible to write the Ontario Agent Auto Equivalency Examination?

How can I prepare for my exam?

The virtually proctored exam experience

The in-person exam experience

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When can I write my exam?

What if I require special accommodations for my OTL Agent's Exam or Ontario Agent Auto Equivalency Examination?

What can I expect during the OTL Agent’s exam?

I've written my OTL Agent's Exam, now what?

I’ve written my Ontario Agent Auto Equivalency Examination, now what?

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Once you register for your exam, you will be sent an email asking you to schedule your exam. Follow the link and log in to IIC's exam portal. Choose your preferred exam format tab, "In-person" or "Online proctored." Select any available date to view the available locations and sitting times.

Once you've booked your exam, you'll be sent an "Exam Booking Confirmation" email with important information and instructions for exam day. Be sure to save this email for reference. 

You may reschedule or change your exam format up to 24-hours prior to your booked sitting. For more information, see our Examinations webpages

Please note, examinations are routinely reviewed for irregularities and/or breaches of examination rules. Examination irregularities and/or breaches may result in disqualification of the examination and suspension of examination privileges. The regulator will be notified of all disqualifications and suspensions.

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