Insurance Agent - Other Than Life (OTL) Agent's Exam in Ontario

Passing the Other Than Life (OTL) Agent’s Exam is a requirement to become licensed as a general insurance agent in Ontario. The general insurance agent licence is regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). The OTL Agent’s Exam is coordinated through the Insurance Institute of Ontario.


In addition to passing the exam, applicants must also obtain sponsorship from a licensed insurer. For more information on the requirements to become a general insurance agent in Ontario, please visit FSRA's page on Applying for a General Insurance Agent Licence.


Preparing to write the exam

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About the OTL Agent's Exam

The OTL agent’s exam is a comprehensive exam based on the current edition of the textbooks included in the study kit. Anyone preparing to write the exam is encouraged to use the current version. You can find more information by visiting the Study Kit page.

To find out about exam schedules, rules and regulations, visit OTL Exam Information.