Global Change, Catastrophic Loss and the Insurance Professional - Webinar (EST)


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Date and Time: May 04, 2022 1 pm - 3 pm EST

Climate change and catastrophic loss affect every nation on the globe. Whether at a micro or macro level, understanding the affects of these natural events is critical to all professionals in the industry.

Join the Insurance Institute for an informative and engaging session that will give you up-to-date knowledge on how the industry is responding. It will provide an overview of recent meteorological events, an exploration of the relationship between human activities and recent catastrophic events, and will discuss the different levels of solution, from individual to community, the world is taking to mitigate climate change.

There will also be discussion about the increasing challenges faced by stakeholders - particularly insurers - in managing risks associated with severe weather, and what can be expected through the next decade in terms of disaster loss claims and prevention. Whether you are a broker, underwriter, or adjuster, this webinar will provide you crucial skills as an insurance professional that will help you to better support your clients in these difficult situations.

Glenn McGillivray
Managing Director 
Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

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