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Additional Webinars

Business Interruption: Beyond the Basics (Webinar) – February 13 Learn more
Policy Wordings (Webinar) – March 4 Learn more

Cyber Liability Exposure & Coverage (Webinar) – March 5 Learn more


Seminar Program:

  • A CHANGING WORKFORCE - Impact of Technology and Demographics on the P&C Insurance Industry in Canada
    CLASSROOM | ENHANCING | MANAGEMENT Insurance is rapidly changing—demographic factors including retirement trends and a diversifying workforce are shaping the industry of tomorrow. If you share concerns about the future of talent in our industry, join us for an interactive session to discuss the impacts of both demographic and technological change, and how the industry can better prepare to tackle new challenges. The Institute’s latest research reports have shed light on our industry’s changing w ...

  • Crime Insurance - Webinar
    CLASSROOM | BUILDING | TECHNICAL Workplace crime can be disruptive to daily operations, and can have devastating impact on a company and its bottom line. It’s crucial to help your clients protect their businesses from the threat of crime by employees and outsiders. In this webinar, you’ll take a good look at all crime and fidelity coverages including: Employee Theft or Forgery/Alteration Theft, Robbery and Burglary (inside the premises) Theft, Robbery and Burglary (outside the premises) Fraudule ...