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  • Engage every age: Managing Generational Differences in the Workplace-Webinar (EST)
    Look around your workplace and chances are you’ll see a wide range of age groups and generations represented. Being productive when there are such a wide range of life experiences present can be challenging. In this half-day session, you’ll discover how generational differences can impair our ability to work effectively. You’ll learn more about the traits, beliefs and life experiences that mark each generation, as well as characteristics that influence how each generation works, communicates and ...

  • Taking the helm in a crisis: Leadership transition during COVID-Webinar (EST)
    A leadership transition, especially a CEO transition, involves months and sometimes years of planning. People often think about transition as the process of identifying and selecting the right candidate, but it also includes months of meticulously planned activities and interactions to set the candidate and the organization up for success. But when all those arrangements go out the window? For two insurers, this was the reality when COVID hit earlier this year. Join us for a rare glimpse into th ...