Convocation is a special time to honour the hard work and dedication of the Insurance Institute’s newest graduates of the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) and Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) programs. It's an opportunity for the insurance community to come together and commemorate the professionalism of the industry and its people.

2018 Convocation Photos and Graduates

Were you in attendance at our Convocation? View a selection of event photos.

On February 28, 2018 we celebrated the achievements of the following graduates:

General Insurance Essentials Certificate

Maria Boese
Connor Higgins

Risk Management Certificate

Jatinder Bassi
Cody Douma
Keith A. Hartnell
Mycke Mugisha
Mark Patterson
Colin Smith

Chartered Insurance Professional 

Blerina Berisha
Dayna Boroviak
Brian Catton
Samuel Chambers
Lucas Charkot
Brianne D. Choma
Marilyn Christie
Dean D. Contasti
Sarah Contente
Leann Coomber
Sandhya de Lima
Ali El-Ahmad
Izeta Emic
Matt Feeney
Giri Gopakumar
Kelli Harnett
Raeanne L. Holme
Shannon Howley
Rita M. Ianiri
Arta Jashari
Leslee M. Jordan
Josef Kaukinen
Jarred Keenan
Deanna Koppelaar
Nikola Kosanovic
Stacey Lynne Kraftcheck
Teri Legros-Smirnios 
Sarah Liddle
Tiffany Long
Amal Maatallah
Matthew D. MacLean
Victoria A. McFarlane
Patrizio Milisenda
Brittany Ostic
Mira H. Patel
Jessica Parnica
Michelle Phillips
Colin R. Poag
John P. Restagno
Todd F. Rolson
Kailey Scriven
Katherine E. Smith
Chelsea L. Smyth
Andrew Tieu
James Young

Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional

Marco Ferrito
Grace Kemp
Dusan Komljenovic
Kelly S. O'Brien
Kelly Waxman

For more information about IIO – Hamilton/Niagara Chapter’s 2018 Convocation ceremony, please email us at

Graduate Rings

The Institute is proud to announce that it has recently partnered with Jostens to provide our members with CIP and FCIP graduate rings. The CIP and FCIP rings are available to all members of the CIP Society to purchase and are offered in a variety of metals, including gold, silver, and lustrium, in English or French, and in two styles. 

President and CEO, Peter Hohman, FCIP, says “We are delighted to offer our members CIP and FCIP rings through our partnership with Jostens. It's a very memorable token of the incredible achievement by our graduates in earning their designation and will be a tradition we look forward to carrying on for our members in the years to come.”

If you are a CIP or an FCIP and would like to purchase a ring, please call Paul Robinson of Jostens at (647) 409-7285 or email him at for further details.